Why the Left Can’t Resist Identity Politics – Even Though It is Destroying Them

One of the relatively new political terms that is being thrown around quite a bit these days is the phrase “identity politics.” If you are not that familiar with the term, identity politics is when politicians take positions based solely on the perspective and interests of specific social groups that certain individuals identify with.  More specifically, they may target their campaign strategies to embrace beliefs that align with people of color, or with people of a specific religious faith, or with those of a certain gender – or even with several of these social groups. Some examples of this are the Metoo and the black lives matter movements.

Democrats Moved to the Far Left

The Democratic Party and the Liberals have openly embraced identity politics. After many years of being the party of labor, Democrats officially changed their focus to a party of social justice during President Obama’s administration. Thus, their desires and motives now fit those of identity politics like two finely machined gears.

The only problem is that the Democratic Party has paid dearly for assuming this far left leaning position. We have long learned from past elections – especially Presidential elections – that moving toward the middle has been a winning strategy for both Democrats and Republicans. American voters have indicated over and over again that they collectively prefer moderates over fringe candidates. 

Obama Ran as a Moderate

People seem to forget that President Obama ran as a moderate in both of his Presidential elections because he knew that was the path to victory. In fact, his 2008 campaign did not even support gay marriage. It wasn’t until he got re-elected that he moved straight to the left and became involved in identity politics. And because of this, the Democrats wound up being politically weaker than it has been for almost a century. The Democrats lost over 1000 legislative seats during Obama’s terms and then they lost the 2016 Presidential Election as well.

3 Reasons Why Democrats are Addicted to Identity Politics

The obvious question that many have for Liberals and Democrats is “Why do you pursue identity politics when it is actually hurting your party?” That is the million dollar question, isn’t it? Listed below are the three (3) main reasons why Liberals are addicted to identity politics and are pursuing it at all costs.

1) Because Liberals believe it gives them the moral high ground. The left are actually convinced their opponents are so evil that their causes are actually serving the common good. This makes them feel virtuous and that any of their actions are justified because of this.

moral high groundFor instance, the radical leftist group called “Antifa” uses violence against the right at many of their rallies – they show up wearing masks, helmets, with clubs. Recently, several members of the mainstream media and democratic politician have actually defended the actions of Antifa – because they are “fighting hate”- which is not true. They have attacked peaceful patriotic groups, some of which have strong religious beliefs.

Liberals relentless attacked White House staff member Rob Porter for domestic abuse against his former wife. Even though Porter was immediately fired, they demanded that General Kelly step down for not taking action earlier. Yet, when Democratic Party Co-Chairman Keith Ellison is charged by his ex-girlfriend of several counts of violence and domestic abuse against her, Liberals are silent and still haven’t taken any action against him.

This is why Liberals cannot claim the high ground.

Liberals were outraged by what they viewed as an inappropriate and delayed response by President Trump in disavowing Klan member David Duke. But they said nothing when President Obama met with Black Panther leaders in the White House, or when it took Hillary Clinton and the Obamas almost a week to disavow Harvey Weinstein who sexually abused dozens of women – but donated thousands of dollars to their campaigns.

Again, this is why Liberals cannot claim the high ground.

2) Because it allows Liberals to use broad terms to be weaponized against their opponents. As long as Liberals feel like they have the high ground, they feel justified in applying broad labels to their opponents.

For instance, they are quick to call out groups of people as racists. This is especially true for Trump supporters. However, the fact is that over 9 million Trump voters actually voted for Obama in 2012, so how can those voters be racist? They obviously voted for Trump because Obama didn’t keep his promises. This is almost one fifth of Trump’s total votes.

But it has gotten to the point where if you disagree with Obama or believe he failed as a President, you are called a “racist” by Liberals. Yet even President Jimmy Carter said “Trump won because the Democrats didn’t keep their promises.”

To take that one step further, many Liberals now will call people “Nazis” or “fascists” just for simply disagreeing with them.

Have you ever noticed how Liberals are so quick to call President Trump a racists or sexist at every opportunity? They are very eager and intent on attaching these labels to him in a big way. The irony is that people of color and women are the very ones who have benefited the most by Trump’s policies!!

3) Because Liberals are too lazy to actually study the issues. This is a sad fact for America but it’s true. Liberals understand that when you attach evil labels to people, there is no need to learn about policies and issues. If they are conservative, or if they are Trump supporters, then we call them Nazis and ignore what they have to say.

liberal are lazyThis is why Liberals and the left get so violent when conservative speakers visit college campuses. They have nothing else to contribute or no other way to be heard than to be violent. They like to shout down conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro and Candace Owens because they are not smart enough to actually debate with them. And since these snowflakes have all grown up getting trophies – even when they lost – they act like babies and get violent, because that’s all they have to offer.

Remember when Ben Shapiro challenged the young democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to a debate? She responded by accusing him of trying to “catcall” her. After accusing Shapiro of sexism, the young black female conservative Candace Owens then challenged Ocasio-Cortez to a debate and offered to donate $100,000 to the charity of her choice.

To this day, Ocasio-Cortez has not taken the debate challenge. Why? Because she is obviously afraid of making a fool of herself because she proven over and over again on friendly new shows that she is not very informed. This is a prime example of Liberals being too lazy to study the real issues.


The real damage that the Democrats are suffering from pursuing identity politics is that these actions are only pointing out their hypocrisies. These hypocrisies along with how out of touch they are with fly over America has shattered their credibility beyond all belief.