Yale Study Shows that White Liberals Dumb Down their Words to Blacks

A huge liberal hypocrisy was just discovered in a study from Yale that was recently published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

This study evaluated the language that Democratic and Republican presidential candidates used when conversing with black and white audiences. A follow-up was also conducted on how white people interacted on email when communicating with people having stereotypical black and white names.

Researchers were shocked to discover that white liberals repeatedly dumbed down their words whenever they spoke with racial minorities.

Is this not racism?

Surprising New Research

This is actually the first time a research was designed to evaluate how white people communicated with racial minorities. These findings were described as “kind of an unpleasant surprise” according to the lead researcher Cydney Dupree, who is an assistant professor of organizational behavior from the Yale School of Management.

“Even if it’s ultimately well-intentioned, it could be seen as patronizing,” Dupree pointed out.

Dupree along with her co-author, who was Susan Fiske from Princeton University, began analyzing verbiage coming from white presidential candidates. They evaluated some 74 different campaign speeches which occurred over a period of 25 years. These speeches took place in a multitude of different scenarios such black churches and even a small business roundtable discussion with Hispanics. The researchers used two metrics to analyze word usage, and those metrics were warmth and competence.

Study Categorized Words

liberal racistsWords that were considered as competent words were related to things like dominance, skill, social status, and intelligence. Words referring to warmth were those addressing things like support, compassion, trustworthiness, and friendliness.

Study results revealed that Democratic candidates used far fewer competence words whenever they spoke with audiences consisting of mostly minorities. They used far more competence words whenever they addressed white audiences. Conversely, speeches given by conservative candidates showed no difference at all in the words they used. Conservatives addressed white audiences and minority audiences in exactly the same manner.

In a completely separate set of experiments, researchers asked white subjects to pick words from a list they were provided in order to create a hypothetical email to a total stranger. All recipients were given a stereotypically black or white name — like “Lakisha” or “Susan” — and then researchers scored every  word on this list for either warmth and competence.

Yet again, this experiment clearly indicated that white participants who claimed to have liberal views repeatedly avoided competent words whenever they addressed perceived black recipients, but did not do this when addressing white recipients. And once again, conservatives showed no difference at all in the language they chose to use when addressing black or white recipients.

Observing a Downshift of Competence

So what is the reason for this “competence downshift,” as these researchers have called it? Dupree offered two potential reasons for this. The first is that “people sometimes downplay their intelligence level to come off as more likable to strangers” and secondly, they could be “using common stereotypes to build rapport.”

But these two reasons do not explain why the competence downshift was more prevalent among liberals.

Dupree wants to keep studying these interactions and understand how they affect the workplace. And how such this “competence downshift” from is viewed by black people.

“There’s a lot of research focused on biased individuals and how holding bias, especially implicit bias, can influence social interactions,” Dupree explained. “But that leaves a lot of people out. My hope is that this work will help include well-intentioned people who see themselves as allies but who may be unwittingly contributing to group divides. There is a broader need to include them in the conversation.”

So how are these results not explained as racist? How are they viewed as not exposing the obvious prejudice that exists among white liberals?

This study clearly points out two very disturbing issues about white liberals:

1 – White liberals view blacks and minorities differently than they view white people.

2 – White liberals see blacks and minorities as less intelligence and less capable than white people.

The interesting thing about white liberals is how viciously they accuse conservatives of being racist. They never pass on an opportunity to bring race into virtually every national event or issue.

There is a passage in the Course in Miracles that may apply here. It goes like this:

“You think you hold against your brother what he has done to you. But what you really blame him for is what you did to him.”

It points out how we humans tend to accuse other people of the things we are most guilty of doing.

White liberals appear to be guilty of doing just that – and now we have a study from Yale that pretty much proves that point.

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