When Massive Lies Were Revealed for All to See

Four times the shocking truth was finally revealed

Deceptions are more dangerous than they might appear. They provide way too much gray area for the spinners of them to operate. And inside this gray area, the creator of the deception has ample room to soothe their own conscious — regardless of where their moral compass is pointing.

The deceiver who is willing to mislead the masses has justified activities in their own mind that most of us would not even consider, most less be willing to take. This makes it harder to understand and challenging to catch.

Until these deceivers are caught, we have no clue to what levels they are willing to stoop. This is why the public becomes more enlightened when liars are revealed. We are left astonished, but hopefully, we learn from them.

Here are four instances when we learned the shocking truth.

Compromise of the Manhattan Project

Compromise of the Manhattan Project
Soviet spy George Koval from Iowa

As the forty-five year, Cold War posed a threat to the entire world in the form of a potential nuclear annihilation; it turns out that one man was mostly responsible for this doom and gloom scenario. It wasn’t a world leader or anyone of note on the world stage. It was a man from Iowa named George Koval, who became one of the biggest snitches of all time.

It started with the Manhattan Project. From 1942 through 1946, the world’s brightest minds came together to create the very first nuclear weapon. This elite team included people like the Nobel Prize recipient and physicist Richard Feynman. But it also had the relatively unknown George Koval, who was later exposed as a Soviet spy.

Koval was assigned to be the health physics officer for the Manhattan Project. His primary task was to monitor the radiation levels created by the experiments; for this, he was given a top-secret security clearance. Shortly after being assigned to the team, Koval began transmitting nuclear secrets to Soviet intelligence agencies using encrypted messages.

The Cold War was ignited after the Soviet Union possessed these nuclear secrets, thanks to Koval. United States authorities didn’t believe the Soviets would have nuclear weapons before the mid-1950s. They were quite shocked when the Soviet Union detonated its first bomb in the year 1949. This marked the beginning of a terrifying nuclear arms race between the two superpowers.

Koval’s betrayal of his county was damaging and unforgivable. His treachery is believed to have been known by American intelligence agencies during the early 1950s. However, this story didn’t become public until 2002.

(FBI cover-up) 9/11 Hijackers lived with an FBI Informant

FBI cover-up 9-11 Hijackers lived with FBI Informant
United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the south tower of World Trade Center

When the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001, authorities were desperately looking for answers. Unfortunately, the FBI had an indirect involvement in the attacks, but instead of digging for answers, they chose (yet again) to cover it up².

As it turns out, one of the FBI’s informants provided an amazing amount of assistance to two of the terrorist hijackers that flew into the towers. These two terrorists rented a room from the FBI informant. Authorities also knew that these two terrorists had attended an Al-Qaeda Summit in Malaysia, just a few months earlier.

The FBI informant quickly cultivated a close relationship with these two terrorists who were living with him. He helped them open up United States bank accounts — the same bank accounts that were used to buy plane tickets for the flight that crashed into the World Trade Center.

Perhaps most troubling of all, the FBI informant knew the terrorists were also using those bank accounts to pay for flight lessons.

When the 9/11 Commission was formed, and a congressional inquiry began investigating the incident, they naturally wanted to interview this FBI informant who had befriended the terrorists. However, the FBI refused their request.

The Phony Iraq War Snitch

The Phony Iraq War Snitch
Secretary of State Colin Powell pushed phony Iraq story

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more lies surrounding the 2003 Iraq war, we get treated to yet another one. Both Secretary-General Colin Powell and President George W. Bush urged the American public to support an invasion of Iraq. They claimed that the testimony of a snitch from Iraq would convince everyone that the invasion was justified.

This snitch was given the code name of ‘Curveball.’ The only problem was that Curveball’s testimony was later revealed to be a complete fabrication.

Bush claimed that Curveball worked at a biological weapons plant in Iraq as a chemical engineer. The Bush Administration employed these lies as proof that Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein indeed had ‘weapons of mass destruction’ and was a direct threat to the United States. Bush eventually got his invasion.

Later, Bush’s story went up in smoke. The plant where Curveball supposedly worked did not manufacture weapons of any kind. It manufactured baby formula!

In fact, Curveball wasn’t employed at any factory in Iraq. Instead, he worked for a television production company in Baghdad and had stolen from his employer. To elude arrest, he fled to Germany. Curveball had concocted his phony testimony to German and American intelligence in exchange for asylum.

(FBI cover-up) The FBI’s Ku Klux Klan informant

FBI cover-up The FBIs Ku Klux Klan informant
Viola Liuzzo, the victim of a vicious FBI cover-up

Shortly after the 1965 civil rights protests in Selma, Alabama, a civil rights activist named Viola Liuzzo, who was white, was driving a few black civil rights protesters home after a march.

She was later followed down a back road by a car full of Ku Klux Klan members. The Klansmen sped up to reach her car and then opened fire. Liuzzo and a 19-year-old African American named Leroy Moton were the only ones in the car at the time.

Liuzzo got shot twice in the head and died instantly. Her car ran into a nearby ditch and eventually crashed into a fence. Moton laid motionless when Klansmen walked up to survey the crash. After they drove off, Moton emerged from the wreckage and was picked up by a passing motorist.

As it turns out, one of the Klan members who committed this murder was an FBI informant named Gary Rowe. He later notified the FBI that he and his KKK members had planned and executed the murder of Viola Liuzzo. When learning of the murder, the FBI decided to cover it up for fear of being associated with the crime.

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover immediately began a smear campaign of Liuzzo’s name and reputation to the general public. The FBI started planting fake stories in newspapers throughout the nation, claiming that Liuzzo was a drug addict, and her husband was in the Mafia. They also claimed that she was having an interracial affair with the 19-year-old Moton, and even abandoned her children to be with him.

This hideous cover-up by the FBI wasn’t discovered until 1978 when Liuzzo’s children filed a request for FBI documents under the Freedom of Information Act.