WAKE UP CALL: We Ignore Attacks on Free Speech at our Own Peril

If our society is indeed a free society, then everyone should be allowed to set their own path, follow their own personal goals, and enjoy freedom of thought. But it seems that in America today, we are seeing that long-viewed norms and taboos are being viewed differently.  Since we have our First Amendment, this is how it should be – except that many long-standing norms are now being suppressed.

The irony is that these norms are suppressed in arenas and by groups who have been long defined as the most tolerant. We are talking about college campuses and progressives. They are choosing to redefine any norms as “hate speech” in order to have them suppressed. And this is done without any regard of the basis used to call it to hate speech.

If you see no problem with this, then you are not paying attention to the world around you. In reality, this is a warning sign for every one of us.

How society chooses to treat its dissidents is a telltale sign of how it views and – more importantly – enforces its freedom. Unfortunately, we see governments who choose to silence and even punish anyone having what they perceive as hostile opinions. Have you checked out the protests in Hong Kong lately?

The United States has always been a pinnacle of free expression throughout the world. Americans have always been able to freely express their personal opinions and ideas, especially when ideas are unconventional, unpopular, or viewed as totally wrong. We Americans have always been completely free to take part in peaceful protests against most anything; they are free to even burn the American flag.

Furthermore, we have seen our free speech contribute greatly to our prosperity. This is because prosperity is always the reward for conceiving great ideas that benefit all of us. And these great new ideas can only survive in societies that are free of suppression.

Unfortunately, this free speech we have enjoyed is being restricted by a hostile new movement and voice. We must all fight against this horrific activity that is undermining the free speech that all of us enjoy by believing only “their viewpoints” are acceptable.

Check out these recent headlines:

DOJ: Free Speech Has Come Under Attack on Campuses

https://www.governing.com/topics/education/tns-university-michigan-doj.htmlStudents claim in the suit that their members enrolled at U-M “have abstained from speaking on topics including immigration, identity politics and abortion because they fear their speech will be anonymously reported as offensive, biased, and/or hateful to university authorities through the bias response system,” the group said in its news release. “The complaint alleges that these hopelessly vague policies chill student speech and expression — a clear First Amendment violation.” DOJ: Free Speech Has Come Under Attack on Campuses



https://nworeport.me/2019/12/09/establishment-media-now-openly-pushing-tech-giants-to-censor-all-independent-media/The very first amendment to the U.S. Constitution deals with the sensitive subject of freedom of speech, and it is sacred to many people, who feel that the 1st amendment protects their religious, ethical, and other freedoms. The right to have your own opinion and express it freely is something cherished by most Americans. Nonetheless, freedom of speech is under attack, not just in the United States, but across the globe. Countries like China are famous for openly censoring the exchange of ideas and information that they deem to be unacceptable or threatening. ESTABLISHMENT MEDIA NOW OPENLY PUSHING TECH GIANTS TO CENSOR ALL INDEPENDENT MEDIA – Nwo Report

Woman faces $25K lawsuit over Yelp review about a doctor

https://fox6now.com/2019/12/04/woman-faces-25k-lawsuit-over-yelp-review-about-doctor/On Nov. 27, the attorney for Nandigam Neurology filed a $25,000 lawsuit against Beavers and her friend’s son who posted a negative review on Google as well and has since been accused of conspiracy. Beavers said he wrote the review after he overheard her conversation. Beavers said she has no regrets leaving the review on Yelp despite the legal action against her. She claimed she posted the review after what she called a disrespectful and shocking experience. Woman faces $25K lawsuit over Yelp review about doctor | FOX6Now.com

How Regulation of “Harmful Speech” Online Will Do the Real Harm

https://cei.org/content/how-regulation-harmful-speech-online-will-do-real-harmMuch of the debate over online speech concerns whether or not conservatives are “censored” by big tech. But there are bigger fish to fry. Even if big tech is not discriminating against conservative or other viewpoints in a statistically significant way today (as I discussed here), certain regulatory policy pursuits underway could do not only that but also much more, inadvertently or not so inadvertently. How Regulation of “Harmful Speech” Online Will Do the Real Harm