Two Physicists Proved We’re Not Living in the Matrix

The thing about quantum mechanics is that it has stirred up a lot of things that cannot be explained. Things like quantum tunneling, entanglement, superposition and several other similar things have caused scientists to scratch their noggins for about a hundred years now. It seems that recently there have been a few physicists that have used mathematical models to help solve some of these puzzles. They have discovered all this crazy quantum behavior and also the disagreement between general relativity and quantum mechanics could actually be fixed, if we started viewing the universe like it is a 3D image that is lying over 2D space. If you didn’t recognize the description, our universe might just be a hologram.

Is the Universe Just a Hologram?

However, this is not a new theory. Depending on the way people look at this, it might even be thousands of years old. If you ponder the popular Buddhist phrase, “Our world is an illusion.” And in scientific discussions, there are several references to science fiction, many of which include The Matrix, a particular Star Trek: The Next Generation episode that is called “Ship in a Bottle” and also a Doctor Who that refers to this. And there is also a comment from Elon Musk who claims that there is a “one in billions: chance that we are not residing in a simulation that was created by a super intelligent lifeforms.

The popular physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson also agrees with this notion. At a recent seminar discussion, Tyson replied that it is “very likely” that our universe is a simulation. Several of these big tech thinkers also believe that the world’s computing power is exploding at such a strong rate that we will not be able to distinguish reality from VR.

Is the Universe Part of a Big Video Game?

But there is one thing that these think tanks believe, they do not think that we are stuck inside of a video game at the present time. There happens to be a researcher from at the University of Oxford along with an Israeli colleague who have actually proved this theory. They concluded that we are not residing inside The Matrix. They claim that the universe is really 3D, and have proof of this. These two theoretical physicists who performed this study are Zohar Ringel and Dmitry Kovrizhin. And this study has been recently published.  

Scientists gathered what we already know about certain physics properties and applied them to Monte Carlo simulations, and using enhanced random sampling, the results provided insights on quantum mechanics which are so complicated that they cannot be solved directly. Ringel commented to Popular Science, “When you do physics and you don’t know how to solve something, you say, maybe I can just have my computer solve it for me and that will give me some intuition.”

The program took random actions within a particular system and then attempts to make sense of them. These Monte Carlo simulations were used to evaluate quantum many body effects, which is time that lots of various particles interact at precisely the same time. The physicists then compared the gravitational anomalies which are known to classical physics, and then compared them with the way a computer actually works.

It is vital to understand that these Monte Carlo simulations are not super precise, but they are very insightful.  Whenever the positives and negatives start to cancel one another out, it is known as a sign problem. But that is exactly what happened here. The reason is because of the power requirement in such as computer simulation. For instance, if only a few hundred electrons were used, even this would require more atoms that is present in the whole universe. Thus, when a new particle is added, the complexity of the simulation grows exponentially.

These physicists were not really trying to prove if the universe is real. They were actually looking gain some insight into certain anomalies that.