Top 7 Inventions from the Twentieth Century

As we look across the span of history, it is easy to see that twentieth century saw a multitude of creations and in developments in every area of society. In fact, there were hundreds, if not thousands of brand new entire fields of study that were created in the last century.

There were more advances and creations that occurred during the twentieth century that all other centuries combined. Let us examine to top 7 inventions that came from the past century.

Top 7 Inventions from the 1900s

nuclear-power1) Nuclear Power – Nuclear power became to the twentieth century exactly steam power was to the nineteenth – which was a game changer. All of a sudden, society had the means to create power that came from a source that was efficient, did not pollute, and was virtually endless. This creation represented an overnight change to the world.

However, on the dark side, this new energy source was also used to build the most destructive war weapons that have ever been seen in the history of the world. In fact, they threaten the survival of all life on the entire planet. In addition, nuclear power plants do not pollute the air, but unless they are properly operated by trained personnel, they have the ability to contaminate an entire region – such as the Chernobyl incident in 1986.

personal home computers2) Personal Home Computers – Today, it is hard to imagine life without our personal computers. Believe it or not, they have actually in existence since World War Two. But those early models were too huge and too expensive to ever be used for a personal computer. And they actually had very little computing power.

This all changed whenever Stephen Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the Apple in year 1976. This eventually changed everything in our society. Because of this invention, we see computers everywhere and we’ve gotten very dependent on them. And our computing power only grows and grows every year. In fact, we are at the dawn of quantum computing – which will take us to exciting new levels.

airplanes3) Airplanes – Our ancestors would roll over in their graves at the thought of travelling from New York to London in a matter of mere hours. This is what airplanes have done for our society. The airplane has made the same kind of impact on the world as the locomotive did during the nineteenth century. Not only do airplanes make our travel safe and quick, airplanes provide other services such as fighting forest fires, crop dusting, and even the overnight delivery of packages. Aircraft have also made a huge mark on the ways we fight wars too.

4) Motor Vehicles – When trying to determine which invention had the biggest impact on our daily lives, it is hard not to consider the creation of automobiles. When automobiles were refined and perfected to the point they were available to everyday people, the entire world changed. All of a sudden, everyone was closer to one another. People could seek employment in places that they couldn’t before, they could visit families more often, and so forth.

5) Antibiotics – One creation that could be easily overlooked is that development of antibiotics. No doubt that this invention has saved millions and millions of lives worldwide – all living creatures have benefited from antibiotics. Before penicillin came along during the year 1928, virtually any bug that a person got was possibly fatal. Penicillin immediately reduced mortality rates and increased life spans.

6) Television – One of the biggest challenges for anyone today would be trying to find a household in the United States that doesn’t have at least one television set. In fact, most homes have multiple television sets. TVs have often been called America’s newest drug as it is where the majority of Americans spend their idle time. When it was created, it quickly became the means of entertainment and big dollar advertising. And it still is today.

the internet7) The Internet – While the personal computer displaced the typewriter and changed the way we write, the internet took computers to the next level. We saw the airplane shrink our planet so that people could travel across the globe within only hours; the internet lets us travel there in only a few seconds. It also allows messages to move in and out of countries that are repressive, it can foment revolutions, and these messages travel literally at the speed of light.

The internet also allows us purchase and sell virtually any product or service imaginable, watch videos from anywhere in the world, and even allows people to find their soulmates. What would we do without the internet?