Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

Even though we have heard that dogs are man’s best friend, they were not actually meant to be with man. Their ancestors are predators that live in the wild. In fact, they are pack animals by natural. Dogs are extremely intelligent; they are great at hunting and are perfect for providing a very effective level of protection for a family.

But we have all read about the opposite occurring, where dogs that were allegedly tame attacked their owners for seemingly no reason at all. Dog owners need to always be respectful and aware of the violence that dogs can exert on humans. This is particularly true with certain dog breeds which are listed below.

The Top 10 Most Dangerous Dogs

10) Doberman Pinschers


Dobermans are very intelligent and quite strong, which makes them perfect candidates for guard dogs. They have both been used as home protection dogs and used to hunt down criminals by the police. The problem with them is that they must be tamed and raised properly. Without the proper taming, they could attack someone in the future, and these Doberman Pinschers are quite capable of killing a person. 

9) Huskies


Huskies are quite popular dogs because of their compelling eyes. But the beautiful eyes on Huskies are not what makes them special, they are best known for pulling sleds in snowy arctic environments – and they can pull them for miles and miles without becoming tired. Huskies are generally safe when they have been properly tamed and they are alone.

However, even if they are tamed, a group of them together should not ever be approached without great caution. According to reported cases of Husky attacks, they are most dangerous in groups. 

8) Bullmastiff


You should always keep your kids away from a Bullmastiff. They are quite huge and any child would be no match for them. In the year 2014, there was a Bullmastiff that leaped over a fence and violently attacked two teenagers who were playing in a neighbor’s garden. The dog killed one of them and even tried to attack its own owner.

Bullmastiffs were initially used as guard dogs because of their huge size. These dogs should always be treated with great caution and respect. 

7) Wolfdog


These wolfdogs are actually a hybrid between a mountain wolf and a German shepherd. It is this combination that makes this dog extremely dangerous. They are capable of behaving themselves and being perfectly protective dogs or they can become a vicious beast if agitated by the situation. Wolfdogs are actually banned in certain countries like Norway. 

6) Midacet Sula Shephard

Midacet Sula Shephard

The Midacet Sula Shephard is a total combination of unknown breeds that have been bred for only one goal – to make the world’s most dangerous dog breed. These dogs would actually be the perfect guard dog if it weren’t for their aggressive behavior and their temperament.  These dogs are also banned in several countries. 

5) Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasilerio is another very dangerous canine. If you are not into aggressive dogs, then you need not get one of these dogs. This dog breed hails from Brazil and is used primarily to hunt wild boar. It is best known for its aggressive behavior which can get uncontrollable. There have been several fatalities reported as a result of this dog.

4) Rottweiler


The Rottweiler’s reputation speaks for itself. If you wanted to find a dog breed that has created many deaths, then look no further. Statistics have shown that these dogs are responsible for almost 50% of all deaths that have been caused by canines in the United States. The combination of their extremely powerful bite along with their amazing jump ability is what allows them easily bite the throat of a human.  You must be very cautious around this dog.


3) Perro De Presa Canario

Perro De Presa Canario

These dogs were created somewhere in the Canary Islands. Like some of the dogs we mentioned earlier, it is said that this one is composed of many different breeds in order to produce a perfect fighting dog. While no clear evidence exists to fully confirm this, when observing this dog’s fighting ability along with the popularity of dogfighting in these islands, it is probably true.

2) Pitbull


The Pitbull is another dog breed that has gotten banned from several countries and it also has earned a terrible reputation for being one of the most dangerous dogs. They can be extremely aggressive and are quite popular in the dogfighting circuit because they are natural killing machines. Due to their aggressive natural and tremendous jaw strength, they are extremely dangerous.

1) Caucasian Shepherd

Caucasian Shepherd

The Caucasian Shepherd is originally from Russia and for centuries, these dogs have been used in mountainous regions to protect their farm animals. When you realize that wolves are the predators that these dogs must fight off in the mountains, then it is apparent just how aggressive and powerful they have to be. These dogs are huge and can easily weigh over 200 lbs with most of that weight being muscle. This dog has no problem with fighting and defending itself.