These 6 Astonishing Miracles Prove There Must Be a God

Reasons why a higher being has to exist

Like it or not, we live in a world of believers. In regards to faith and religion, we either believe in a God (or higher being), or we believe that such a God doesn’t exist at all.

I have to admit that as I’ve gotten older, and hopefully wiser, I have questioned the existence of God. Countless reasons stand on sound logic, against such a higher being.

The Need for a God

To me, if things in our world are unsymmetrical or unbalanced, then where is God? For instance, why would God let an evil person be prosperous, and a kind-hearted person suffer daily? There is no balance in this example.

In the minds of logical humans, the great equalizer we seek is justice. It is justice that brings back the proper balance that we seek.

Dealing with Doubts About God

I have resolved my doubts about the existence of God in two ways.

The first way is using what I call spiritual logic. We must remember that religion is based on faith — it has never promised a tangible proof of God — you choose to believe, or you don’t.

If you believe in God, then most likely, you also think that the life of your soul will be infinite. This means that your life on Earth represents way less than 0.1% of your total existence. Therefore, your life on Earth is insignificant compared to the life of your soul.

This is how I resolved my “lack of justice balance” problem.

The second way that allows me to believe in God is the main topic of this article. This is where I share examples from our world and universe. I call them miracles because the existence of a higher being is the only way to rationalize them.

6 God Proving Miracles

When I discovered these facts and scientific findings, it gave me inner peace. I hope that it does the same for you as well.

The Miracle of Universe Creation

The Miracle of Universe Creation

Did you know that our universe shouldn’t even exist?

Scientists are unable to resolve how the universe formed itself after the Big Bang. This event created all known particles that we have identified, like matter and anti-matter. A huge mystery in Modern Physics is what kept the anti-matter from destroying our universe before it even formed?

Physicists are desperately looking for an explanation for how the universe survived this. And it doesn’t help how anti-matter is notorious for being unstable.

So what’s the odds that after the Big Bang, all this matter and unstable anti-matter was able to organize itself into our vast universe? I’d say not very high without the help of a supreme being.

The Miracle of Our Life Conditions

The Miracle of Our Life Conditions

Conditions on our planet are perfect for supporting life. Many of us have heard this argument before — but it happens to be true. Biological life is very delicate and must have precise conditions to survive and flourish.

There is no other place in our universe — that we know of — where these life-supporting conditions exist. Think about this for a moment. In a vast universe that contains millions of celestial bodies of every kind imaginable — yet life can only survive right here on Earth.

If Earth’s orbital path were to vary just a little, if the energy of the Sun would experience a tiny vacillation either way — life would perish in our world. How does all this get created with such precision and continue supporting life without a higher being?

The Miracle of Water

The Miracle of Water

Most of us take water for granted. We have not even thought about its unique properties.

Did you know that water is one of the few substances in our world that is less dense as a solid than as a liquid? This is why ice floats in water — and that’s a good thing. Most solid substances in our world will sink in the liquid version of itself.

If ice did not float in water, we would be in a heap of trouble.

Icebergs would sink to the bottom of our oceans and freeze them over. The same thing would occur in our lakes and rivers. Aquatic life would perish and cause our planet to die off.

Thus, Earth’s waters play a crucial role in what makes our world inhabitable. Do you think it’s a coincidence that water has this unique quality when most other substances don’t?

The Miracle of Hemoglobin

The Miracle of Hemoglobin

Let us imagine that the Big Bang has occurred, and the universe has been formed. We are now awaiting the formulation of life. There is a straight forward process that has to take place to get us there.

We have a planet that is covered with a soup containing the building blocks of life. In the absence of God, these building blocks must randomly arrange themselves to support life.

We begin with physics as there is only an assortment of atoms at first. Then we drift into chemistry whenever these atoms combine to form the molecules of water, carbon dioxide, and ammonia — the prime materials required for life. After that, bioenergetics and organic chemistry become activated through the energy of the Sun.

While this may sound simple and straightforward, the number of factors involved is mind-blowing. For instance, after water is created from three simple atoms, we experience a massive increase in complexity:

  • Amino acids are about 7 times more complex than water.
  • Proteins are about 400 times more complex than amino acids.

Remember that without God, life is counting on these processes to occur randomly. But the problem is that we are still a long way from getting there. We need more organizational structure.

Now let’s focus on hemoglobin, which one of the more important proteins. We need it because it’s vital for our bloodstream and provides the oxygen chemistry needed for our breathing.

Here are the calculated odds of hemoglobin forming randomly:

1 in (7.4 x 10⁶⁵⁴)  Note that this is a 7.4 with 654 zeros behind it.

Now compare that number to these enormous numbers:

  • Number of seconds since the beginning of life on Earth = 2.5 x 10¹⁷
  • Number of seconds since the Big Bang = 4 x 10¹⁷
  • Number of atoms in the universe = 10⁸⁰
  • Number of photons in the universe = 10⁸⁸
  • Number of stars in the universe = 10²²

Notice how the odds of randomly forming hemoglobin are millions of times larger than the number of atoms in our entire universe!

Now can you imagine the odds of randomly forming an entire DNA structure — given the complexity of just one protein?

miracle of physical constants

The Miracle of Physical Constants

A physical constant is the measurement of natural phenomena that are believed to be universal in both time and nature. Examples of physical constants are the speed of light(c), the gravitational constant (g), and the charge of an electron (e).

Our knowledge of physical constants also determines how advanced we are as a civilization. Hence, as we progress further, we discover more physical constants.

According to theoretical physicist, John barrow of Cambridge, we can quickly determine whether or not our universe is a simulation by looking for any glitches and errors in its fabric. Such a glitch would be found in an inconsistency with one of these natural laws.

However, these physical constants have been consistent all throughout time. And no one knows why they remain constant, but they do. Additionally, we know that the constants are critical to the existence of the universe.

Many scientists feel that the consistency of these physical constants is evidence that the universe has been finely tuned by a higher existence.

Miracle from a Simulated Universe

The Miracle from a Simulated Universe

In 2003, philosopher Nick Bostrum postulated that our universe might simply be a computer simulation created by a higher being. If this were true, then it would also mean that the universe must be finite as well. This is because every computer has limitations.

From this logic, German researchers concluded that we could find a similar limitation within our own universe if it is indeed a simulation. So they built universe simulators on a lattice within a quantum computer.

Now let’s consider cosmic rays, which was where these researchers placed their focus.

Cosmic rays are atom fragments that originate outside of our solar system.

Each individual ray has a finite amount of power, which deteriorates over time as it travels to Earth — losing energy along the way.

In reality, all cosmic rays that are detected on Earth have the same amount of energy. This indicates that all of them have the same starting point. Otherwise, the cosmic rays would have different energy levels.

Interestingly, this is exactly what the simulated universe on the quantum computer observed — cosmic rays from the same starting point.

Does this mean a higher being really is controlling our universe through a computer simulation?

God only knows ….