The Amazing Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has enjoyed lots of notoriety over the past decade or so – and for good reason. Some of the buzzes about it have been incredibly negative, which is totally normal. We have seen throughout history how almost every new technology has been scrutinized. This is because we human beings are not crazy about change. The fact of the matter is that that are several amazing benefits of artificial intelligence.

While many people like using the term “artificial intelligence”, they do not always understand what it is or what it means. In the simplest of terms, AI is when machines can solve problems that have been solved by humans in the past. Thus, rather than using our natural intelligence to address issues in our lives, we instead use artificial intelligence to solve them.

With that said, let us examine some examples where AI is helping us – or will be helping us in the near future.

Specific Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence algorithmsVoice Search and Smart Speakers – If you haven’t noticed, we are using our touchscreens and keyboards less and less these days. This is because we simply ask our artificial intelligent assistants to perform many of those tasks. I am talking about assistants like our friends Siri and Alexa. We simply ask them to look up information on the major search engines and they then verbally respond with their results.

Recent statistics claim that one out of every six Americans now own a smart speaker of some sort. And Edison’s research tells us that this figure has risen by over 120% since 2017.

When you consider how this simplifies many computerized tasks, it is easy to see why the popularity has grown. Non-technical people and the elderly are finding computers much easier to use with this technology.

Super Targeted Advertising – While most of us detest the number of ads we are bombarded with on a daily basis, you have probably noticed how the majority of those ads are actually addressing our interests. This is because artificial intelligence is picking up on our search tendencies and cataloging the blogs and websites that we frequently visit.

As a result, when we navigate the web and social sites, we are seeing ads that pertain to our recent activities. This is actually a good thing for businesses – as they can get more bang for their buck on their marketing budget. It is also better for us because the things we are interested in are finding us rather than the other way about.

Computer Vision Will Revolutionize Surveillance – Computer vision has improved tremendously in the last few years. In fact, it has improved by over 70% since 2015. The biggest challenge with computer vision has always been the ability to pinpoint objects based on their accuracy to recognize pixels. There is also the speed at which computer vision algorithms can focus on a standardized image dataset that is used by the majority of research facilities and is known as ImageNet. This average speed increased by an incredible 16 times within an 18 month period recently.

Many computer scientists see this increased ability to surveil society as having an amazing effect. For instance, the biggest problem with camera surveillance now is the amount of data to examine. Oftentimes, criminals are long gone before crimes are even identified from this visual data. This will not be the case any longer. And when quantum computers come into play, we could possibly predict crimes before they even happen!


As you can see, there are many benefits of artificial intelligence when it is applied properly. We just mentioned a few of them above, but there are literally thousands of benefits to be experienced from AI. Stay tuned.