Taiwan Gives China the Middle Finger

Taiwan says “F*#k You, China!!”

Perhaps to the surprise of many pundits, the Taiwanese government has chosen not to lay back and be victimized by China anymore. 

Recent events have placed an emphatic middle finger in the face of Beijing.

One event that spiked tensions between China and Taiwan was the controversial visit by United House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  The visit itself was enough to create a stir, but tensions were elevated by threats from Beijing along with the indecisiveness of the United States government as to whether to go through with the visit.

The visit itself seems to have only stoked tensions between Beijing and Washington.

The Chinese government considers Taiwan a breakaway province destined to be part of their nation.

However, most people in Taiwan see their island as a separate independent nation – regardless of whether their independence was ever declared officially.

Recent events

Two recent stories have strongly demonstrated that Taiwan is tired of China and is willing to bear arms if necessary:

Taiwan shoots down drone for first time off Chinese coast

TAIPEI, Sept 1 (Reuters) – Taiwan’s military for the first time shot down an unidentified civilian drone that entered its airspace near an islet off the Chinese coast on Thursday, after the government vowed to take tough measures to deal with an increase in such intrusions.

Beijing, which claims Taiwan as its own against the strong objections of the Taipei government, has held military exercises around the island since early last month in reaction to a visit to Taipei by U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Taiwan’s government has said it will not provoke or escalate tensions but has been particularly angered recently by repeated cases of Chinese drones buzzing islands controlled by Taiwan close to China’s coast.

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A retired tech tycoon has pledged $33 million to raise an army of civilian marksmen and ‘black bear warriors’ to defend Taiwan from a Chinese invasion

A retired Taiwanese tech tycoon said on Thursday that he plans to use his own wealth to train more than 3 million “civilian warriors” to defend against a Chinese invasion.

Robert Tsao, 75, intends to use $33 million of his own cash to fund the effort, according to Taiwan News, an English-language news outlet on the self-governing democratic island.

Tsao also announced that he was renouncing his Singaporean citizenship in favor of regaining his Taiwanese identity in light of China’s repeated military threats to Taiwan, per Taiwan News.

According to the outlet, Tsao said his money would go toward having the civilian troops trained for three years by the Kuma Academy, a private military outfit also known as the “Black Bear Academy.”

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