One Pompous Over the Top John McCain Funeral – Already Forgotten One Week Later

We were forced to acknowledge it, whether we wanted to or not. It went on and on, holding much of the mainstream media hostage. Many of us could only stare in shock and bewilderment – before we changed the channel.

Of course, the “IT” I am referring to is the funeral of Senator John McCain. As to how well the funeral was received really depends on what side you come down on in regards to Senator McCain. If you were close to him, you thought it was a deserving tribute to an honorable American servant. If you weren’t a big fan, then you really didn’t know what to think about it – because nothing in recent history comes close in comparison to McCain’s funeral. I know of no one’s funeral that was as pompous, and as over the top as this one.

But there was another group that took delight in McCain’s farewell circus – and oddly enough, that was the mainstream media – albeit for very selfish reasons. Only because McCain dared to speak out several times against President Trump did the mainstream media gobble up McCain’s final extravaganza like seals barking for fish.

Interestingly, during the 2008 Presidential campaign, this same mainstream media could find nothing good to say about John McCain – in fact, they did the opposite.  Check out these headlines from the 2008 President Campaign.

Cindy McCain lashes out at media viciousness” – CNN

McCain’s Kremlin Ties” – The Nation (Russia Collusion accusations in 2008 too?)

Study: McCain Coverage Mostly Negative” – Politico

Democrats attack McCain’s War Record” – Slate

Quite brutal words then – and yet last week, they can’t say enough good things about him.

mccain's ridiculous funeralAfter saying all this, do you know what is now the most interesting thing about McCain’s circus funeral? Hardly anyone is talking about it a week later. What does that tell you? As I watched the political news today, a week later – as I normally do – I heard no mentions at all about McCain’s farewell festival, none, NADA. After all those words of praise …. Hardly any mention of the Great John McCain a week later.

You would think that such an event would have people talking for months – looks like it is having quite the opposite effect. It seems the only purpose that John McCain’s funeral served was being a platform for bashing President Trump. And after all those political barbs were launched and delivered by Trump’s enemies, the event was done as far as they were concerned – any actual mourning for McCain was simply a formality.

McCain Trademark

It seems that all the petulance and pettiness which has been a trademark of John McCain over the years has finally caught up with him. Even after all that gushing about John McCain, everyone knew deep down that he had become a bitter old man who craved attention. And he proved that he was willing to do anything to get it.

Since the 2016 election, McCain has known that his quickest path to media attention was to bash Donald Trump. He knew that reporters would flock to him like seagulls – and they did. This became McCain’s fix to sooth his addiction for attention.

Examples of McCain Questionable Character

Let us look at a few examples that illustrate McCain’s questionable character.

1) John McCain left his first wife Carol, after she had been disfigured in a car wreck. He abandoned her and began seeing his current wife, Cindy before officially leaving his crippled first wife – who had been extremely loyal to him. Nothing like leaving someone you are supposed to love during their time of need. Not very admirable behavior.

2) John McCain has been credited with “saving Obamacare” because his was the deciding vote. He proudly cast this vote while his state, Arizona, was among one of the states who had suffered the most from rising Obamacare premiums. Thousands of Arizonians reported having premium increases of over 100% and many of them were forced to give up their health coverage altogether.

Yet McCain chose to let them keep suffering from Obamacare. It is reported that after casting the deciding vote, McCain joked with Chuck Schumer and the democrats, “Let’s see Donald make America great again now!” (Read story here)

Obviously, McCain’s own bitterness was more important to him than the welfare of the people who elected him to office.  REAL Classy, huh?!?  

mccain-palin-0504183) John McCain’s own running mate from 2008, Sarah Palin, wasn’t even invited to the funeral. It was very obvious to everyone that selecting her as a running mate was a mistake – and McCain admitted this in his recent book. But it was HIS decision and he should have owned that fact – it certainly wasn’t HER fault. Not having the decency to even invite Sarah Palin to his funeral – who has been extremely loyal to him – was about as low as you can get. It’s almost as if he doesn’t want to acknowledge he made a bad decision – too bad – it’s all on you, Dude.

4) John McCain made it very public months ago, that he was not inviting Trump to his funeral and was inviting many of Trump’s enemies instead.

Why the strong need to publicize someone you are not inviting to your funeral?  Obviously, McCain had an ax to grind. The petulance and pettiness displayed by these actions are literally off the chart. Most people would be ashamed if this were a member of their family.

5) John McCain invited Donald Trump’s own daughter to his funeral so that she could hear her father get bashed over and over again by the guest speakers. If item 4) was petulance and pettiness, this move was petulance and pettiness on steroids. Whoever thought this was a good idea has a very low character. Apparently, McCain’s family was against this, so it must’ve been John McCain’s idea – big surprise, huh?  

6) What kind of person plans such an extravaganza for their own funeral? Over the top is an understatement in describing this funeral– the level of pomp was embarrassing.

Like the old saying goes, when you have to keep telling people over and over again how great you were – then you probably aren’t.


In the end, the joke is on John McCain – the mainstream media and the liberals used him – like they always have. For many years, the left used McCain’s craving for attention for their own means. Ironically, they used him one last time at his funeral to attack their main political enemy.   

No doubt that John McCain was once a true hero. But sadly, he began dismantling that image the minute he returned home from Vietnam.