Why Intelligent Men make Better Partners

How smart is your male partner? It may indicate how well your relationship may be in the long run. Research from a brand new study has indicated that if have happen to be looking for and selecting a male life partner, then you would be better served to find an intelligent one. The study shows that these types of males provide stronger odds of having long-term success for that relationship.

Male Partner Research  

The research team’s leader was Jaako Aspara, who comes from the Hanken School of Economics that is located in Finland. They examined the question of choosing partners through the lens of an evolutionary perspective. The researchers found that the intelligence levels team had a direct impact on the “fitness” of their relationships in order to “survive and support the offspring.”

A totally different aspect which directly affects the bond strength of relationships: intelligent men typically have much larger incomes. Right off the bat, this fact makes them a more stable choice.

This research depended on the data from the military conscription of around almost 200,000 men from Finland who are ranged in ages from 18 to 45. Their intelligence levels were assessed through a 120-item exam which the men had taken prior joining the Finnish Defense Forces.

Statistics of Men were Evaluated

When these were originally examined, about two-thirds of them were single and unattached. And as Susan Krauss Whitbourne who comes from Psychology Today has explained, these stats were compared by their ages and regions with those of married men. Both of these groups of men were monitored across a 5 year period. And during this time, researchers observed their marital status, the cars they owned, their income, and several other factors. And then the men were required to take yet an additional intelligence test that calculated verbal, numerical, and also nonverbal abilities.

The scientists observed a link between marital history and intelligence. The number of guys that got married tended to stay married with every increase in total intelligence among the 5 age groups that were examined. And it was also noted that the younger groups indicated the strongest trends by this effect.

In other notable conclusions, the researchers discovered that verbal intelligence had a stronger effect and related much more to the likelihood of getting married. This is understandable because stronger communication skills allowed them to find mates more easily. It was also noted that overall intelligence had a trend among the divorce rate as well. Smarter men had stronger capacities for avoiding breakups and divorces by discussing and expressing feelings more openly, the research team found. And also the study discovered that intelligent women have longer and more long-lasting marriages as well.

“In parallel to the effect of a peacock’s mysterious tail on its mating success…human intelligence has a direct positive impact on human mating prospects in terms of marriage,” said the research team.

And some good news for those men who had bigger and newer cars: this appeared to give them an advantage when it comes to getting married, according to this study.