How the Press Continues to Lie About Itself

We have all noticed how the press distorts any message they don’t like – and they waste no time doing so because they are damn good at doing it. For instance, if you say something regarding illegal immigration, and that you are not for open borders, the media is quick to label you as being against immigration in a general sense. And this view extends into how you must not like “brown people” and this naturally leads to you being a racist. And of course, this HAS to mean that you are a Republican and God forbid – a Trump supporter.

And we get this in spite of being good American citizens who would really like to see the laws enforced in our nation. Most of us are smart enough to know that if we start cherry picking laws, things are going to get very dangerous for us in a big hurry. But no, when you try to say that it’s illegal immigration that you are opposed to, they want to blur the lines and say that you are against all of immigration – and we are back to being a racist again – and since we are discussing it again, then it must be true. This leads to everyone on the right getting vilified for being something that they are not.

fake news Most Americans support having a free press because freedom of speech is very important, but what does it become when we get fake news as a result? When it doesn’t report what is really going on. One could argue that we are better off without a free press when the news is fake and slanted in an attempt to persuade the political views of the reader. As it turns out, calling out the free press for the fake news that many of them have become is long overdue. It has actually made people much more objective.

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I look at now is where did a given news story come from? There are a few news sources that I immediately discard anything they report – because they have proven again and again not to be reliable. When a news agency is willing to cut and paste footage of our President literally feeding fish in a pond to make viewers think he did it wrong, that is beyond pathetic.

But this practice of blurring the lines is something that the news media has adopted for a while now. And it is an insidious practice. It allows them to take a statement and extend it into whatever assumption they want to make about what they are observing. They start out with a logical statement and then make an illogical assumption. Then they repeat this false assumption over and over again – the same way that Hitler and the Nazis did with their propaganda in the 1930s – repeat something often enough and people begin believing it.

Add this method to the news media’s existing habitual confirmation bias, and you have a very dangerous blend of propaganda that both Stalin and Lenin would be envious of. All you have to do is watch a few White House Press conferences. While watching, try to figure out what the news media’s purpose is at that press conference. Ask yourself – are they really there to report the news from the White House? Let their actions tell you the answer ….