Conspiracy Theorists Eagerly Await Soon to be Released JFK Assassination Files

Here it is finally the year of 2017, and conspiracy theorists from all over the world are anxiously waiting for the releasing of thousands of sealed government documents never ever seen before which pertain  to John F. Kennedy’s assassination.  These documents are due to come out in late October, there is no doubt that this new material will fan the flames of interest once again in the JFK assassination and will likely host a bevy of brand new conspiracy theories.

Ironically, Jim Marrs, the man who authored the bestseller Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, sadly deceased recently and will not be able add anything to this new discussion. And just like any great conspiracy theorist, Marrs and his book was at the very center of one. His untimely death is one of many recent conspiracy theorists that have become the topic of intrigue, machination as well as conspiracy.

Marrs consistently supported the notion that the JFK murder was not the work of one gunman. He also believed Kennedy was blatantly murdered by several high ranking officials as well as businessmen. And all these figures disliked the policies of JFK and wanted him dead.

Do Conspiracies Thrive on Public Fears?

Conspiracies always seem to emerge right in the middle of times when pubic fear and uncertainty is running rampant. Often times, there are many things like disasters, deaths, and financial crisis taking place. Experts believe that this because these conspiracy theories provide a needed sense of control when are desperate to make sense of an uncertain society.

Although people are usually criticized when they believe in these conspiracy theories, many of them are publicly endorsed, and very much embraced by the general public. Many of these popular theories will go on to have a strong influence of the perceptions of important historical events. A few notable ones pertain to moon landings and especially the 9/11 attacks by terrorists.

The dogged persistence and creations of conspiracy theories only demonstrate their social significance. And individuals propagate conspiracies for a many reasons. The most common reason is when either no plausible explanation exists for an event, or the official explanation appear to be inadequate.

Is 2017 The year of Conspiracy?

The JFK assassination documents are not the only event to excite conspiracy theorists in the year of 2017. There are several other notable landmarks in conspiracy theories that have also occurred in 2017. For instance, the 40th anniversary of the death of Elvis Presley was August 16. And on August 30, there was the 20 year anniversary of Lady Diana’s tragic death. Both of these deaths have been subjects of countless conspiracies. Many people sincerely believe that Elvis Presley might have faked his death in an attempt to elude the pressures of fame. And then they are those who think Elvis was actually a government informant and was threatened by the mob. Likewise, there have also been countless Elvis sightings that he is alive. And the most popular theory regarding Diana says she was murdered and did not die accidentally.

In the end, folks enjoy sharing theories like these since they are interesting. And of course, accuracy and truthfulness become less important and sometimes get in the way. So regardless of the outcome from the soon to be made public JFK documents , they probably will not interfere with what is already considered to be a great story.