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We enjoy observing nature and learning more about its beauty and fascination. Nature is one of our favorite topics.

Scientists Say Pink Snow is Coming

Scientists Say Pink Snow is Coming – And it Will be a Problem

Did you hear that scientists say pink snow is coming – and it will not be pretty.In 2016, some researchers from Europe were shocked...
Do Animals Really Murder One Another

Do Animals Really Murder One Another?

Maybe a lot of us do not stop to wonder if animals really murder one another. We have all seen the animal and nature...
Monkeys do not own the Copyright of their own selfies

High Court Says Monkeys Do Not Own the Copyright of Their Own Selfies

BREAKING NEWS!! Monkeys do not own the copyright of their own selfies. This news is sure to have a dramatic effect on the world...
who measure mt everest

Who First Measured the Height of Mount Everest?

Did you ever wonder who first measured the height of Mount Everest?Contrary to popular belief, the majestic height of Mt Everest was not first...
squirrels organizing nuts for the winter

How Squirrels Organize Their Nuts for the Winter

Have you ever wonder how squirrels organize their nuts for the winter? Obviously, they work their asses off throughout the summer and fall –...