Can the Federal Government Keep Up with Technology?

As we see more and more emerging technologies rush to the forefront of national and social priorities, many of them crash on the rocks of our bureaucratic government.
Perhaps the most glaring example of government inefficiency is how the FDA had to be bypassed to distribute the much-needed COVID vaccines to its citizens. While our nation’s leaders are quick to claim the pandemic was an exception, this is not necessarily the truth.

I challenge you to examine the docket of any courthouse in America, there you’ll see pages and pages of urgent matters – cases that are urgent to those who are affected by their circumstances. It’s both a copout and insensitive of our government to fail in resolving these matters promptly.

The federal hurdle of technology

So where does this leave emerging technologies? How long do they have to wait on our inefficient lawmakers to move the ball down the field?

Do not forget that it took Congress about a year and a half to approve Obamacare – which the lawmakers themselves said was urgent. And Obama’s party had a filibuster-proof supermajority in the Senate. It’s hard to find a better example of government inefficiency.

Check out the video below as we address five specific reasons why the Federal Government needs to change for the future needs of technology.