9 Ways to be more Productive When Working from Home

If you work from home, then you would probably love to learn 9 ways to be more productive. There are some very good reasons to work from home. At times, there can be way too much noise and phones ringing in an office setting. And sometimes it seems that if one person doesn’t feel like working, they have a way of preventing anyone to work. This really sucks if you are trying to meet a deadline.

Ways to be Even More Productive at Home

But there are also some issues with working from home that you may want to be aware of as well. Working at home has some distractions too – they are just different kinds of distractions. So here are a few ways to be more productive when you work from home.

1) Set up your Work Area for your Specific Work

The thing about the home office is that it is serving a huge purpose, but it won’t serve that purpose every second of every day. You need for that work area to suit what you do there for 8 hours or so during the day – and then possibly do what it needs to do when you are not working. If you can dedicate the space to your job 24/7, then you are ahead of the game and it should be relatively easy to set it up. Just make sure your work area has all the tools and items that you will need. It is not efficient to have to wonder over your house for various items.

2) Declutter your Work Area

This is extremely important for the home office. You must keep it decluttered because the biggest challenge with working from home is keeping home and work separate – and decluttering your work area is the best way to ensure that these boundaries are maintained. Whenever you let home stuff invade your work area, then productivity will plummet.

3) Be Ready for your Work Day

Resist the urge to lounge around in your pajamas with a cup of coffee watching the morning talk shows. This practice could very well become your biggest time waster. The problem is that if you start doing this for a few minutes, then that will justify doing it again tomorrow for another few minutes and pretty soon it is lunch time and you haven’t started working yet. Trust me – do not even start this terrible habit to begin with.

4) Put yourself in an Optimal Physical Position

Do not be afraid to invest in some ergonomically friendly desks and chairs. If you haven’t noticed lately, many corporations are forking out big money on quality office equipment for their employees for one reason – it works! Staying comfortable during your work day will pay huge benefits down the road. Also, if you stare into a computer all day long, then do something about protecting your eyes.

5) Turn on some Lights

While windows can provide some very nice natural light, it can also create glare on your computer screen as well. Now it could be that your windows are working out well and the view you have is not very distracting – if this is the case with you, then great. But otherwise, you may need to pull down your blinds and get some soft lights on. Floor lamps and table lamps are a good choice because they can target the spaces where light is needed.

6) Create the ambiance for your Home Office

Perhaps the biggest perk to working at home is having the ability create and build a work area that is customized and personalized. You can literally create your own environment there. Go out and find some things that make your feel good and empowered – things like plants, flowers, music, candles, and even fountains can all help your sculpt your work to reflect your style.

7) Establish your Schedule and Work it

Here is another critical task for the home worker. You must establish your own work schedule and stick to it no matter what. Allow for those personal items like doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping, but ensure that you stick to the plan.

8) Refresh your Mind periodically

Here is an advantage that people who work from home have over their traditional counterparts. They have the freedom to leave the office and take a walk to clear their minds for a few minutes – whenever they want. Or they can even go for a jog or workout. Do not neglect taking advantage of this freedom – this is one of the best ways to be more productive.

9) Sign Off when the Day is Over

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most vital things you need to do as a worker from home is maintaining those boundaries between work and home. This is especially true when your workday is finished. Do not let your work issues leak into your personal life after the workday is over. Your mental health literally depends on how well you do this. If you allow these boundaries to become blurred, then you will eventually feel like you are living at work all the time – and it will take a toll on you mentally.

 As hopefully you can see, these 9 ways to be more productive when you work from home can be very effective. It is urged that you try these right away.