8 Bizarre Stories That Prove the World Has Lost It

Our world today operates at breakneck speeds when you consider how the information flows – and how new data enters the news flux each hour.

But have you ever stopped to examine some of the news stories?

We seem to be inundated with one unbelievable story after another. If some of our departed loved ones were to return for a day and read some of these stories, they would probably go into shock. And it seems that the bizarre index is exponentially from one year to the next.

Don’t believe me?

Check out these 8 Bizarre Stories

Here’s a group of stories where women justify and make excuses for their sexual assault attackers. Can we say stupid and naive?

New Videos That Justify Sexual Assault  

A new trio of videos released in partnership with the It’s On Us campaign uses a less obvious strategy: humor. 

In each of the videos, a woman has an urge she can’t control, so she indulges herself in the most comical way possible. In just a minute, the absurdity of each scene demonstrates how so-called logical justifications for sexual assault make zero sense. 


This next story is where a bunch of people who want their brains hacked. Supposedly they feel it is worth the $5,000 they are charged for the pleasure. Check it out.

How to Hack your Brain (For $5,000)

.. This five-day retreat, at a sprawling, privately held property known as Summit and convened the day before the solar eclipse, cost almost $5,000 and was a sort of beta test for spreading his gospel to a larger public audience. Attendees were housed in white tepee-like tents, with portable toilets set up down a dirt path. 

The next story lets us know what our organs are worth on the black market. This assumes that some of us are looking for that information. Amazing ….

Here’s How Much your Organs are Worth on the Black Market

Have you ever found yourself so strapped for cash you’ve considered doing something drastic, like committing a crime, visiting a loan shark or selling one of your organs on the Black Market for some quick cash?

Most of us find ourselves so strapped for cash it stresses us out from time to time, but things usually work themselves out before we do something we’ll regret.

This next story is informing us how UK women are looking online to find places to get illegal abortions. There are a number of things wrong with this picture – wouldn’t you say?

Hundreds of UK Women Are Seeking Illegal Abortions Online

More than 500 women approached a charity called Women on Web over a four-month period beginning last November seeking mail-order abortion pills, the organization revealed today.

The medications that the charity provides are the same as those given at UK clinics for legal abortions or to speed up the process of miscarriage. It isn’t illegal for the charity to provide the pills, but it is illegal for a woman to take them in the UK outside of approved medical services.

Here we have a study of a worm who went a very long time without sex. I have one question about the study. WHY?!?

How this Worm Survived 18 Million Years without Sex

Scientists have sequenced the genome of a tiny worm that belongs to a group of exclusively asexual species. This group originated approximately 18 million years ago—making it one of the oldest living lineages of asexual animals known.

The work reveals how it has escaped the evolutionary dead end usually met by organisms that don’t engage in sex.

Next we see a story that you can’t ignore. The coincidence is just too crazy to ignore

Death Wish Coffee is Recalled Because it Might Actually Kill You

Death Wish Coffee, a very popular (and strong) brand of coffee, is recalling its Death Wish Nitro product because, well, there’s a chance it can actually kill you.

Oh the terrifying irony.

Wow! The next story is just about too stupid to even discuss. Why do we even care about this topic?

Scientists are Actually Studying Ryan Gosling Memes

Hey girl. You’ve probably seen those Ryan Gosling memes floating around the interwebs–you know, the ones where he says all the things girls like to hear. 

Who would have ever thought that the next story would ever happen? You have to admit that this is pretty bizarre – having groceries delivered straight to your fridge.

Walmart Wants to Deliver Groceries Straight to Your Fridge

Walmart is hoping you trust the company enough to let its delivery drivers into your home even if you’re not in. The retailer has teamed up with smart home accessories-maker August Home to test a new delivery method in Silicon Valley, which entails giving drivers access to your house so they can put groceries in your fridge.

After making sure nobody’s home to answer the door, the driver will use the one-time smart lock passcode you pre-authorized for him to go in and put the items where you specified.