7 Ancient Persian Inventions and Ideas That Will Stun You

Not everyone realizes that the Ancient Persian civilization was among the most advanced empires in all of history. This empire was born around 550 BC at a time when the majority of people on Earth were actually illiterate. All the communities during those times were using very ancient methods in their basic daily routines. Needless to say, most any advancement or invention would have made a huge impression at that time in history. The amazing thing about Ancient Persian inventions is that several of them are still in use today. This is what makes them stand out.

Not only this, many of the concepts that have been adopted during modern times were first conceived by the Ancient Persians. This civilization was very adept at applying common sense to the world around them. And it is this frame of mind that allowed several technologies to develop. Let us examine 7 Ancient Persian inventions and ideas that were quite amazing.

Human Rights

Persian Inventions - human rights

The notion of human rights was first addressed by Cyrus the Great, who was a legendary Persian king. Cyrus developed what is referred to as the Cyrus Cylinder. On this cylinder were various declarations about human rights. The declarations on this cylinder are considered to be very first time that human rights were addressed in all of history. In fact, today there are numerous human rights movements that have been influenced by the Cyrus cylinder.


Persian Inventions - animation

Another remarkable idea that originated with the Ancient Persians is the field of animation. We all know that animation and the motion picture industry is among the biggest worldwide industries. In some ruins from Iran, an image set was uncovered near an ancient burial site. These images contained a goat that was eating leaves from a tree and jumping. The more they examined the images, they realized were quite related to one another in a unique sequence. What they found was perhaps the very first example of animation and it was thought to be over 5000 years old.


Persian Inventions - refrigeration

Believe it or not, the very first refrigerator was created by in Persian civilization. They achieved this by using a unique composite of lime, sand, clay, and white eggs. They discovered that this composite was able to resist high heat for long periods of time. They used it to construct domes that had several compartments with storage. These various sections were designed for specific items like dry foods and ice.


Persian creations - battery

The very first battery is another Ancient Persian invention. This original battery was quite simply designed and had a charge of around a couple of volts. Even though this was a very meager charge, it led to many other great inventions. This Persian battery was comprised of three (3) main elements; a pot and two rods. The idea was a very simple one as they put an electrolyte in a pot along with a rod that served as a cell. From this point forward, future civilizations improved upon this initial design.

Water Irrigation System

Persian creations - water irrigation system

The Persian also created the very first water irrigation system. This initial system was called Qanat and became part of the Persian’s native language. They designed a water system of pipes and tubes for the purpose of moving water from one location to another location. This water was provided to the Persian people for personal as well as agricultural purposes. Perhaps the most amazing things regarding Qanat is the fact that it’s still currently used in a few cities in the country of Iran.

Postal Delivery Service

postal delivery service

The postal service is yet another creation of Ancient Persia. It was several thousand years ago that the Ancient Persians developed a method of delivering messages from one location to another. Their idea was quite simple as they designated a specific area for these postal services. Those who made these deliveries were known as Chapars and horses were used for this task. This concept was originally conceived by Cyrus the Great.

Sulfuric Acid

sulfuric acid

Throughout history, there have been countless Muslim chemists and scientists who have achieved great things in the fields of physics and chemistry and physics. For starters, they were known for introducing lots of various chemicals, scientific terms, machines, and concepts that are still being used today. A chemist from Persia named Muhammad ibn Zakariya al-Razi explored and worked on many kinds of chemicals, gases, fuels, and substances. He is seen as a significant contributor to science because of his many discoveries and inventions. His creation of Sulfuric acid has long been considered to be among his greatest acheivements.