6 Technology Mega Trends for the Year 2018

Yes, every single new year, we get the warnings of new tech trends that are going to revolutionize our lives in various ways – and the year 2018 will be no different. Here are 6 technology mega trends for the year 2018 that you might enjoy learning about..

Mage Trend 1: More Datafication in our Lives

Every single time we purchase something, enroll in a service, and even buy a cup of coffee – we are asked if we have their card, or if we have signed up for their program or enrolled in their system. As we probably suspect from this, it lead to more datafication of our world. And it is leading to a huge explosion of data.

In just one normal minute online, Facebook will get about 900,000 new logins, there will be more than 450,000 new Tweets on Twitter, and there will be 156 million new emails and 15 million new texts will be sent. When you look at numbers like this, there is no wonder we will be seeing the quantity of data throughout the world double about every 2 years.

Mega Trend 2: Everyday Devices will Become Smarter

Our everyday devices have contributed greatly to the previous mega trend of data explosion. This is because our smart devices are in a constant mode of data collection, linking to other smart devices and then exchanging the data – all of which occurs without any human intervention at all.

It seems that almost anything can become smarter in today’s market. For instance, our automobiles are becoming more and more connected. By the year 2020, there will be roughly a quarter of a billion cars that will be connected to the Internet. Our homes already have smart items like our TVs, and some even have the ability to be monitored and controlled while traveling..

Mega Trend 3: Exponential Growth in Overall Computing Power

All of this explosive data and growth in smart devices would not be possible without huge jumps in overall computing power. Between the years of 1975 to 2015, computing power has doubled approximately every other year. It is believed that the current rate is now doubling around every two and a half years.

But we are approaching the upper limit of what existing computing power can realistically handle. However, there is a new concept called quantum computing on the horizon. Considered to be the most significant transformation in computing power ever witnessed, quantum computing is expected to see computers suddenly become much faster than they are currently. Tech leaders worldwide are current racing to launch the very first quantum computer commercially. These systems will supposedly be capable of solving many new problems that existing computers have no means to solve. More amazing is that they will be able to solve problems that we have not even imagined yet!

Mega Trend 4: The Amazing Rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Our computers today have been able to learn pretty much the very same way that humans do. So the huge leap in the capabilities of AI is made possible because of the huge increases in computing power. And it is this amazing data explosion that has permitted AI to advance so rapidly over the past few years. This because AI systems can learn quicker when it has more data – and it becomes more accurate too.