5 Archaeology Discoveries Expected in 2018

One of the more exciting events to look forward to in the upcoming year is the expected archaeological findings. In fact, here are the 5 archeology discoveries that are expected in 2018.

New Burial Ground in Greece

There has been a tomb discovery in Greece belonging to a warrior who got killed by a sword. The good news is that there are at least 4 others who have been buried with this warrior. These 5 individuals were originally buried with silver and gold rings, swords that had ivory handles, daggers with gold decorations and several additional artifacts.

However, this amazing find was never made public because the area where the tomb was found has already been ravaged by looters. Archaeologists are very leery about disclosing any information about tombs until after excavations are completed and the area is better secured.

The security effort in 2018 is believed to improve well enough so that this discovery can be revealed in much more detail. This is why no images are available yet.

Another Dead Sea Scrolls Cave?

During the year of 2017, another Dead Sea Scrolls cave was located near Qumran. Unfortunately, this cave was plundered during the 1950s or maybe the 1960s, but archaeologists did find a blank scroll after finished the excavation. This was the 12th cave discover near Qumran that had once contained the Dead Sea Scrolls. The additional 11 caves had been found during the 1940s and the 1950s.

The finding of this 12th cave captured headlines all over the world, but this discovery is very unlikely to be the end of this tale. The excavation team who found this 12th cave is still surveying additional caves that may possibly contain even more Dead Sea Scrolls. This survey is actually part of a bigger project being conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). The IAA is rushing to quickly identify and excavate all caves located in the Judaean Desert that could be holding any archaeological remains, as many looters continue to operate within the Judaean Desert. Several of them have been captured by authorities during the past couple of years. Some of these looters had been found to be carrying the remains of potential scrolls.

Given that this survey is presently ongoing and that numerous possible Dead Sea Scrolls caves have been identified already, it would not be a shock to learn about a 13th Dead Sea Scroll discovery in the 2018.

New Discoveries of Prehistoric Sites in Saudi Arabia

In 2017, we learned about some great new prehistoric-site discoveries from Saudi Arabia. In fact, there were some 46 prehistoric sites found there, some of them could be more than one million years old. These discover were found by researchers belonging to the Palaeodeserts Project, whose aim is to better understand Saudi Arabia’s environmental past and human history.

During the month of October 2017, there was yet another archaeological team who claimed that they had discovered some 400 mysterious structures that were described as rectangular and that archaeologists referred to as “gates” (because of a resemblance to field gates) which were also found in Saudi Arabia. Presently, there are roughly 6,000 aerial images and a vast quantity of data being analyzed.

During November 2017, the nation held a “1st Saudi Archaeology Convention,” during which the research from all over the country was presented. In 2018, we are very much expecting to learn of some about even more prehistoric-site discoveries, and also discoveries coming from time periods that are more recent in Saudi Arabia. 

Valley of the Kings

Over the past few years, there has been new research being conducted in the famous Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Because of this, it is expected that 2018 may yield some new finding there.

In July 2018, archaeologists identified a new area close to pharaoh Ay’s (1327-1323 B.C.) tomb that contains 4 foundation deposits and radar readings has indicated the possible presence of a new tomb. There is also another team of archaeologists that have surveyed the western region of the Valley of the Kings recently. Then there is also third group coming from the University of Basel located in Switzerland, who are presently analyzing and publishing findings from KV 40, which is a tomb from the valley that was found in 2014 and contained mummies by the dozens.

Science Against Looters

In the upcoming year, scientists plan to work with some new technologies and solutions which will hopefully help resolve the global nuisance of looting. Some of these include using robots to venture into hazardous looter tunnels to evaluate damage that looters cause, or training dogs to sniff and find artifacts being smuggled into the United States, and even software that will identify stolen art that crook are attempting to sell.

Countries that constantly put up with conflicts, wars, and also political and economic strife receive the most damage from looting. In the past, looters have been known to gun down antiquities guards, and even cause the deaths of children by making them crawl in dangerously narrow tunnels.