4 Interesting Biotech Products for the Near Future

Ranging from the amazing cultured meat process to a healthy “MicrobeMiner” for antibiotics and even liquid biocomputers, an interesting new wave of biotech products is going to transform the world. This is what some of the world’s most incredible inventions from the field of biotechnology will be offering to our lives within the very near future.

We will be able to enjoy a healthy protein drink that is made from algae and adorn ourselves with some of the latest silky and smooth eco-fashions that will be made from synthetic spider silks. Maybe you have heard of the ground breaking Mushtari Piece, which is a living microbial factory that is actually wearable.

So let us examine 4 mind blowing products from the future.

Cow-free Cow Milk

As we embark on a society and economy that will be post animal, we will be seeing replacements such as synthetic dairy products. It seems that a brand new industry has secretly emerged over the past few years. This new industry is none other than cellular agriculture, which is a field of science that will use biotech to produce various proteins and biomolecules that are generally derived from different animals. It is actually similar to brewing beer.

It is distributed cellular factories like these that allow us to brew food and beverages locally and more importantly, sustainably. All the while, these methods may also help reduce the negative environmental impact from the farming of livestock and actually enhance food security.

Post Animal Burgers

How do lab grown meats sound to you? There is actually a clean meat startup company called Memphis Meats that has done well offering beef chicken that is lab-grown to the public. These folks have raised $17 million in venture capital from investors like Richard Branson and even Bill Gates, in order to transform ways in which we will eat meat in the future.

As popular as meat has gotten over the years, certain aspects regarding livestock farms has become an environmental problem.

Liquid Biocomputers

Never fear, the “Raspberry Pi” is here. And it is actually a liquid biohacking factory. Since biology has been miniaturized, technology can now put some very sophisticated science into small kits. Cell-Free technology allows anyone, to build and create biomolecules without needing any actual cells. This makes biology very user-friendly, since it gets rid of the requirement for microbial culturing, equipment or even training.

How will it all work? The kits will come with plasmids that already contain genetic instructions in the software, such as an app would. Then they will produce various proteins for you. These may be customized fluorescent colors, various smells, or even ink that glows in the dark. It is believes that eventually they will create even medicines.

The “MicrobeMiner” for Antibiotics

No doubt that we are heading into the post-antibiotic phase of history – since more and more of them are becoming ineffective. Where people In tech are mining bitcoins, people in biology will be mining microbes for use in antibiotics.

A streptomyce is a bacterium that lives within the soil, and there they are producing many different antibiotics. The problem has always been that around 90% of these biomolecules are hidden inside an inactive portion of the DNA of a given microbe. It needs a way to activate the biosynthesis. This is how the MicrobeMiner will be used – it will mimic the required stimuli inside the soil to initiate this machinery.