3 Traits of Highly Intelligent People

Many of us see highly intelligent people as something beyond what we are. We believe that they are able to solve the problems of life much better than most people. However, the surprising fact is that those with above average IQ have the same kind of everyday problems as everyone else does – because in the end, they are also just humans.

They do handle life’s issues in a different manner than most people in the world. If you are high IQ person, not having others who can understand your struggles will make you feel lonely.

Let us look at 3 traits of highly intelligent people that can be a struggle for them.

  1. They Find Small talk exhausting

It is a huge challenge for smart people to become interested in small talk about normal life. This is because their minds are overwhelmed with new and great ideas. Topics they find interesting are things like art, science, philosophy, which are hardly ever discussed during small talk. This tends to make them feel like as though they are wasting time in a never-ending list of socially acceptable common phrases. All they want are like-minded individuals to share ideas with.

  1. They think more than they speak

Whenever a brain is wired to seek solutions and answers to life’s problems, it can take some time for people of average intelligence to provide an opinion or conclusion. Smart people take time to assure they have the right answer before speaking at all. Most people do not understand this sort of process, they see this as weird or introverted.

  1. They are easily bored with their jobs

Whenever someone gets bored very quickly with their job, it is a sure sign of high intelligence. Smart people need new and greater projects and ideas to challenge them accordingly. Routine tasks can become a daily struggle.