3 Major Steps to Become a Thought Leader

The world has never witnessed the amount of information that we are seeing now on a daily basis. In spite of that, there are still just as many people seeking valuable information as there had even been. In fact, it is actually needed more than ever because of the record levels of competition in many industries.

If you desire to be a person of influence whose ideas are sought after, then you must possess the traits that are needed and required to become a thought leader. The good news is that very few thought leaders are born; anyone can become one with dedication and the right mindset. The first obstacle is getting your message heard above the noise.

Thought Leaders follow this 3 Steps

1) Have a Mission – Your mission is your rock. This is what you cling to at all cost. As a thought leader, you must have your goal in front of you at all times, as this is where you will be influencing and leading people.

When you have a clear mission, people understand what you represent and what to expect from you. This makes you easier to trust because you have credibility. It is much harder to trust people whose focus shifts from one day to another.

 “Outstanding people have one thing in common: An absolute sense of mission.” – Zig Ziglar

2) Craft a Solid Supporting Message – After you have determined a clear mission, you now need a message that will get the attention of others. This is a big challenge today because of the constant background noise that all of us are subjected to each day.

Your message needs to be a rallying cry in order to attract the people that you have targeted. It needs to include your main core premise, which is that single idea that you sincerely believe others needs to know.

That message should be compelling and thought provoking – which makes them want to find out more. As a thought leader, it is critical that give them a brand new perspective that they have never heard before. Also, keep in mind that a more focused message usually attracts fewer people, but those people will also be more focused and more passionate. 

 “I have a message to give to the world, and I shall not be thwarted.” – Elizabeth Kenny

3) Create your Method – A method is simply the system that you plan to use for helping people understand and more importantly, implement your message. Methods need not be complicated or even lengthy. In fact, the very best methods are generally very simple and memorable. The ideal method typically has no more than 3 to 7 action steps.


There is a general process that all thought leaders use to persuade interested people in joining their mission. They first remind the people how things have always been and point out how unhappy they have been with those results. Then they show them a new way to do things and convince them how powerful this new approach can be – by showing them proven results.