11 Dark Evil Secrets of George Soros

When it comes to dark evil secrets, not many people have more than billionaire George Soros. This man of questionable character has become one of the most powerful and controversial figures in the world. For some people, his financial support of groups who supposedly promote democracy in Eastern Europe has made him a hero. Yet for others, they see his funding of far left social causes as an attempt to tear down their democracy.

Soros was tied to the Hillary Clinton Campaign in a big way – much more than just a major donor. He has allegedly been heavily involved in Barrack Obama’s SuperPAC as well and his fingerprints are present in many political events that we read about in the news.

It is also believed that he is a powerful member of the 7 Floor Shadow US government as revealed in the famous Wikileaks disclosure.

The dirty fingers of George Soros can be seen all over the politics of the world. Rather than leaving nations alone and letting them legislate, he feels the need to impose his own political beliefs on those who do not want them. This is especially true in the United States. This is why we must reveal these 11 Dark Evil Secrets of George Soros.

Soros Colluded with Major European Leaders to Incite a Refuge Crisis

evil george soros

After the Soros Foundation suffered a major computer hack in 2016, it was discovered that Soros was working with major leaders in Europe to promote the current refugee crisis. Using immense funding and the influence of European media, Soros pushed this narrative.

Not only did his group push the notion that immigration was the “new normal” in Europe, they also attacked and attempted to destroy their political opponents.

The negative impact was especially apparent in Germany as Angela Merkel has been forced to explain how her liberal decisions repeatedly about open borders. These reckless decisions have led to countless terrorist attacks and deaths among her people. Is there any question that she was one of the many leaders who did the bidding of George Soros?

The demented vision of George Soros regarding the refugee crisis was to establish a chaotic environment. This would provide “new opportunities” for Soros organizations to control immigration on a global scale – in other words, trading deaths for power. Nice guy, huh?

Soros Companies control Voting Machines in 16 US States

voting machines

A voting technology company named Smartmatic which is located in the U.K. has very deep and direct ties to George Soros. This company has furnished voting technology to 16 states which include vital battleground states such as Nevada, Arizona, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and even Virginia. Other states that have been affected are the District of Columbia, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Missouri, Louisiana, Wisconsin, Oregon, and Washington.

The company website features a flow-chart describing how it has assisted elections in the United States from the years 2006 through 2015 with “57,000 voting and counting machines deployed” and some “35 million voters assisted.”

Smartmatic was involved in controversy during the 2016 presidential contest. It offered online balloting during the Utah Republican caucus, and countless voters claimed that it was impossible to vote on their secure personal electronic devices.

Soros Funded Phoney Attacks on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

Bret Kavanaugh

During the summer of 2018, Hillary Clinton campaign manager Brian Fallon openly admitted that they formed a group with the objective of delaying the confirmation of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominations. And George Soros happily funded this endeavor.

They began with a bevy of protestors in the congressional chambers trying to slow down and disrupt the process – all allegedly paid by Soros organizations. Protestors were even spotted getting paid outside afterward.

They later produced Christine Blasey Ford, who provided outlandish accusations to congress of an alleged sexual assault conducted against her by Kavanaugh that was decades old. Her accusations were just that – accusations – not one piece of real evidence was ever produced. Her own friends could not corroborate her story. Ford’s own family even refused to attend the hearings.

Prior to a confirmation vote, a shameless display from the spineless GOP Senator Jeff Flake being trapped in an elevator by sobbing victims of the metoo movement convinced him to ask for a delay to allow for an FBI investigation. These sobbing victims were identified as Soros employees.

It is estimated that George Soros spent almost a billion dollars trying to block the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation, but no one knows for sure. We only know that it was a despicable attempt to tarnish a man who has a sterling record – in the name of power and political gain.

Soros had Infinite Influence on the Obama White House


While this may sound like conspiracy talk, consider this story. In 2015, the United States brought charges against five major banks for actively manipulating exchange rates between euros and the US dollar.

These banks agreed to plead guilty and paid an estimated $5.8 billion dollars to the United States. The caveat here was that only corporations were charged and no individuals. Had they gone after individuals, they would’ve snared George Soros who earned billions of dollars from these currency manipulations. The fact is that Soros has been guilty of manipulating currencies all his adult life – and has been caught many times.

Obama refused to allow Attorney General Loretta Lynch to go after individuals in an attempt to protect Soros – who had opened up his checkbook during both of Obama’s presidential campaigns. The fact is that Soros has given the Obama White House billions of dollars over the years.

In the summer of 2016, the US Embassy in Ukraine strongly encouraged Ukrainian authorities to drop a legal probe into a known Soros-funded political action group. They were actually provided with a list of names that were “not to be prosecuted”. Obama once again protected his golden goose. Obama operatives still receive funding from Soros for combined political activities.

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Soros Broke the Bank of England 

Bank of England

On September 16, 1992, the British pound crashed with a thud that was heard around the world. When the dust cleared, some £3.3 billion was gone from the coffers of the British government, adding fuel to an existing recession. British authorities were humiliated, the pound had been severely weakened, and the livelihoods of citizens were destroyed. Who caused all this carnage? George Soros.

Soros was employed as a currency speculator at the time, for the Quantum Fund. He led a huge charge of those speculators who were attacking the pound, buying up lots and then selling them in a frenzy, only to buy them back at much lower prices. Yes, this was legal, but it was immoral as well. Soros later boasted how he had made he earned £1 billion in one day selling sterling he didn’t own.

The effects of this currency attack were so brutal that Soros is still despised by many Brits even today – some 25 years later.

Soros Fueled Malaysia’s Economic Crisis

maylasia economy

If breaking the Bank of England wasn’t bad enough, then what about the disastrous Asian Financial Crisis of 1997? We saw the collapse of governments, we saw capitals get flooded with angry protests, and we saw millions of innocent people get caught in an economic death spiral. Do you wonder who was behind this mess? Yep – our dear friend, George Soros.

Each Asian country suffered from this crisis in a different way. However, Malaysia took the worst of it as their ringgit actually lost over 45% of its value in a single instant. We witnessed the evaporation of tens of billions of dollars from governmental coffers.

Even though Soros wasn’t the worst offender, he was among those speculators that led the charge using the same attacking strategy that broke the Bank of England. In fact, it got so bad that Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohamad, called out Soros publicly for wrecking the economy of his country, insisting that he was a modern-day villain.

Soros Broke the Bank of Thailand 

bank of thailand

During the Asian Crisis, Thailand was considered to be its epicenter. It was from this location that this financial contagion spread outward, inflicting great damage on the economies of South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Russia, and even Brazil. It also caused a very violent revolution within Indonesia that claimed the lives of 5,000 citizens. All this happened thanks to George Soros.

As he did in both Britain and Malaysia and Britain, Soros waged war on the Thai baht with his usual viciousness. His Quantum Fund hammered the currency hard, lowering its value by over 60%.

The failure of the baht earned Soros a ton of cash, but at what cost? Millions of Thailand citizens were left impoverished and unemployed. There were over 600,000 foreign workers that were literally forced to return to their homes. Basic industries such as finance, construction, and real estate all collapsed, ruining the lives of thousands of innocent people.

Soros tried to Destroy Hong Kong’s Economy 

hong kong economy

After not being satisfied with wrecking banks and economies in Asia and Latin America, George Soros set his sights on Hong Kong and China In 1998. If he had successfully pulled this off, he would’ve certainly created a global recession.

In the summer of ‘98, Soros was already outrageously wealthy from screwing over the rest of Asia. But Soros wanted even more. In August, he focused on the Hong Kong Dollar. But a shrewd Finance Secretary named Donald Tsang Yam-kuen saw it coming ahead of time.

Yam-kuen bought up a ton of stocks – spending HK$118 billion on stocks to block Soros’s attempts to manipulate their currency. While it damaged Hong Kong’s credibility among global financiers, it did protect his country’s economy from Soros.

Soros Illegally Overspent on Numerous Political Campaigns 

Political Fund raising

During the last decade, there was literally a wave of some 527 groups that appeared out of nowhere. These were mostly advocacy groups that were attempting to influence and sway elections. They became famous for utilizing various loopholes to circumvent laws that governed campaign contributions. After the Federal Electoral Commission (FEC) got wise to them and cracked down, the worst offenders got very large fines. Among the biggest fines that were handed out was to one of Soros’ groups.

A group known as America Coming Together (ACT) was determined to get John Kerry into the White House in 2004 – at all costs. Initially founded in the year 2003, the group spent $137 million to “get out the vote”. While the group failed, it could’ve influenced the election’s outcome. This is very problematic, as most of these contributions violated the federal limits.

In the year 2007, the FEC eventually fined the group $775,000 for these illegal contributions, which was the third-largest fine in the history of the FEC.

Soros is a Tax Hypocrite

tax fraud tax cheater

As a major donor to the Democratic party, Soros joins them in repeating over and over again that rich people do not pay enough taxes – as if he hadn’t looked in his bank account lately. But this really isn’t that unusual.

All of us have heard Warren Buffet also say that rich people do not pay enough taxes. While Buffet actually backs up his talk about paying more taxes, Soros built much of his entire fortune by seeking out and exploiting tax loopholes of every kind.

Soros did much of his tax avoidance by deferring taxes paid on his clients’ fees, which he reinvested, letting them grow until those taxes were due. Bloomberg has estimated that he has earned around $13.3 billion through these deferrals. While this is actually legal, it is considered deeply unfair, which is why the United States eventually closed this tax loophole and ordered George Soros to pay $6.7 billion. Soros then moved the cash in question to the country of Ireland.

What happened to “rich people don’t pay enough taxes”?

Soros Found Guilty of Insider Trading 

Convicted Felon George Soros Euro Trials

During the year of 1988, George Soros earned big profits from the inside knowledge about a takeover of Societe Generale, which was a French bank. Even though profits were relatively small for him (around $2.3 million), this takeover was looked upon by the people of France as just more corruption under current president Francois Mitterrand. After Mitterrand stepped down in 1995, the French authorities charged Soros with insider trading. And in 2002, Soros was convicted.

Since that time, Soros has lost several appeals that were launched in both France’s highest court and the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). He keeps denying any wrongdoing on his behalf and for years, he has delayed in paying the $2.3 million fine. This is in spite of the ECHR ruling that he knew exactly what he was doing when he broke the trading law.

Sad Conclusion

The sad thing is that we could’ve easily listed 50 dark secrets in this article, but we had to restrict it to just 11 dark evil secrets of George Soros.