10 Ways to Make Your Brain Sharper

How would you like to learn 10 ways to make your brain sharper? This would be especially nice for older Americans. Fortunately, the field of science provides a lot of assistance regarding this topic. Let us examine several things that can be done right now.

10 Ways to Make your Brain Stronger

1) Quit multi-tasking – In spite of a lot of popular beliefs, it is virtually impossible for the human brain to multitask fully – this is supported by several studies. If you do several things simultaneously, your brain is not able to devote full attention to any of them. What happens is that you end up paying a little attention to the first thing before moving on, and then paying a little attention to the second thing before moving on, and so forth. Instead, try focusing only on one single thing at a time before proceeding to another thing. 

2) Read a book – This is actually a no-brainer to those who study brain functions. Reading will increase both your emotional and fluid intelligence. And scientists have also discovered that reading will produce brand new white matter in our brains, which will help with our communication ability and even aid our brains in the processing of information in a more efficient manner.

3) Meditate– Very recent research has demonstrated that the practice of meditation will not only reduce stress but it will actually change our brains as well. The types of brain changes your experience depends of the type of meditation you will practice.

4) Do Weightlifting– Research has indicated that going out and pumping some iron twice a week at the very least will make our brains operate better and it will even help ward off dementia, particularly if you are elderly. 

5) Begin to Learning another Language – Scientists have discovered that people who are bilingual enjoy a certain “advantage” because they tend to use less brain power to achieve tasks, and it helps their brain age better. A study from Canada revealed that those who speak two or more languages process information much more economically and use up less brain power.

6) Play Chess– Studies indicate that those who play chess have much better pattern recognition, and tend to use both sides of their brain in making decisions. Chess is also great for improving memory skills and the game will force people to mentally exercise lots of variables and possibilities at all times. 

7) Eat with Chopsticks– if you do no use them already, switching utensils will actually grow new branches of nerve cells. This will actually improve communication among your brain cells. 

8) Think Positively– When people learn to think in a positive way, this will literally rewire their brains. Scientists have proved that when you consciously change thought processes via practices like mindfulness, this will cause your brain to move from right-side thinking to the left. This can also make people much less anxious, enjoy much more energy and have a happier mindset.  

9) Go Out Dancing– Studies have shown that dancing can actually boost and speed up the processing speed of the brain because of its unique combo of physical, cognitive, and the social activity. This can also slow down aging effects and even create new white matter much more than walking does. 

10) Get Plenty of Sleep – Several studies have shown that the lack of sleep could result to several ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, depressions, and actually trigger seizures. This will have a negative effect on both your thinking and your memory.