10 Damaging facts Revealed from the DNC Leaks

One thing that we learned from the 2016 Presidential Campaign is that the Democratic Party and email mix about as well as nitro and glycerin. The massive email scandal that occurred in the summer of 2016 was a huge media explosion and it sent shockwaves all through the Democrats. This scandal involved tens of thousands of emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) that were leaked to Wikileaks. These leaked emails revealed a political party that were biased beyond all imagination, that they were driven by scandal, and that they excelled at being incompetent.

1) The DNC Bad Mouthed their Donors

bad mouthed DNC donorsA primary function for the DNC is to raise future funds for to support the Democratic Party. Every political party relies heavily on these donations, so common sense would tell you that they would very grateful to their donors. Not the DNC.

One testy exchange of emails talks about a major donor from Florida named Stephen Bittel. They were angry because of the seat he got at a fundraiser. Jordan Kaplan, who was the DNC national finance director, stated angrily, “He doesn’t sit next to POTUS!” Alexandra Shapiro, who was his deputy at the time, responded that “Bittel will be sitting in the shittiest corner I can find.” Another email called several major donors to the DNC as “clowns.”

And in another exhangel, Shapiro mockingly compared the New York philanthropist Philip Munger to the Maryland ophthalmologist Sreedhar Potarazu. She lamented that Munger had donated a mere $100,600 over the years, as compared to Potarazu’s family donating $332,250. So much for gratitude.

2) The DNC sucks at Managing Donor Data

Most of the time when people give away big buck to a political party, they do it with the understanding that their private data will be protected. Not so with the DNC. Their staffers repeatedly sent emails that contained their donors’ names, their credit card numbers, their contact information, and even their social security numbers. Should this info ever be hacked—and it eventually was—it would be a field day for an identity thief.

Many of those screw-ups were just plain stupid. One staffer sent out an image of a $150,000 check, apparently not knowing that any hacker could withdraw money from any checking account with only a routing number from the check. And because of this email leak, that data is on the Internet for any person to see.

3) Strong bias against Bernie Sanders

 berrnieThe guideline of the DNC requires that it remain neutral during presidential primaries. These emails show that they violated this guideline over and over again. During the 2016 primaries,  the DNC constantly undermined Senator Sanders and his attempt to win the primary.

In a 2016 May email, DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz stated that Bernie Sanders “isn’t going to be president.” In April, she had written that he had “no understanding of” the Democratic Party.

4) Questioning the religion of Bernie Sanders

One of the dirtiest parts about the DNC campaign attacks against Bernie Sanders pertained to his religious beliefs. A May email that was written by DNC CFO Brad Marshall proposed a plan to attack Sanders’s campaign by posing questions to his religious beliefs.

The email stated: “It might may no difference, but for KY and WVA can we get someone to ask his belief. Does he believe in a God. He had skated on saying he has a Jewish heritage. I think I read he is an atheist. This could make several points difference with my peeps. My Southern Baptist peeps would draw a big difference between a Jew and an atheist.”

This is amazingly unethical, when you consider that the DNC own regulations state they should be impartial during the primaries.

5) Questionable Journalistic Ethics

It is not common for a journalist to email advance copies of the stories they write to those people they are writing about. Doing so would be a horrific breach of journalistic ethics. These leaked emails indicate that at least one major journalist sent stories to the Dems to “get approval” before making them public.

One particular email from Kenneth Vogel of Politico that was sent to the DNC was revealed. It was entitled “per agreement . . . Any thoughts appreciated.” Attached was a major news story he penned in April.

6) Hostile Attacks on Opposing Media Stories

lying news mediaWhenever we hear about the DNC making a hostile attack on a Republican media outlet, we would not be surprised. However, these emails indicate that anger at the DNC runs deeper than this. During the presidential primaries, the DNC had openly defined “hostile media” as “anyone who doesn’t like Hillary.”

Even some leftist reporters were considered way too pro-Bernie for the DNC and those were constantly denied interviews and were tagged as “Berniebros.” Mark Thompson, from Sirius, got an interview denied after he was believed to prefer Bernie over Hillary. Whenever MSNBC anchor Mika Brzezinski hammered the DNC over its anti-Bernie bias, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz called the president of NBC and demanded an apology from her. Even a Twitter hashtag, #bernieclickbait, was established to mock the DNC bias toward Hillary Clinton.

Yet again, the DNC was supposedly bound by its very own rules to be impartial, but these emails clearly indicate the bias.

7) Possibly Planting Informers in the Sanders Campaign

By now, we have seen that the DNC treated the primaries as a “beat Bernie” campaign. One of these emails suggested that the DNC actually planted some informers to go inside the Bernie Sanders campaign.

This information comes from a May email and refers to a “counter event.” This was organized on Facebook by a progressive group called Citizens for Ethical Government. The invitation indicated that Senator Sanders could be speaking over Skype. The DNC apparently freaked out by not knowing this and tried to find some “intel.” The very last email in this chain referred to someone with “friends inside the Bernie organization” who was passing information.

8) Possible FEC Violations

In May 2016, Justin Klein from HillaryClinton.com sent an email to Jordan Kaplan, who again was national finance director of the DNC. Klein had gotten a check for the amount of $144,100 that was from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians. He instructed Kaplan, “please note the first $100,200 should be allocated to the convention fund, while the remaining $43,900 should be allocated to the building fund.”

The FEC (Federal Election Commission) rules state that the existing limit for campaign contributions is $100,200 for any nonmulticandidate PACs during a single year. The email indicates that Klein, who was operating on behalf of HillaryClinton.com, was attempting to circumvent the FEC limit. This would constitute a crminal offense.

Kaplan even seems to know about this limit. His response stated “Don’t send me an email like this again . . . Don’t be a dick.”

9) Identity Politics Hypocrisies

A very progressive wing from the Democratic Party has obsessed over identity politics for years. This email leaks reveal that the DNC actually cares very little about identity politics – it just wants its supporters to think they do. Many emails are laden with jokes about Gays, lots of stereotyping, and even possible racial slurs.

One certain email with once again, the DNC national finance director Jordan Kaplan, signs off with a “no homo” joke. Another email from DNC communications director Luis Miranda pertains to getting the Latino vote and is chock full of questionable phrases like “Hispanics are the most brand loyal consumers in the World: Known fact” and “Once a brand loses this loyalty, Hispanics never re-engage: Unforgiving.” Even Gawker labeled these comments as stereotyping.

The DNC is constantly attacked Republicans for using these kinds of phrases, yet their upper level managers use them freely.

10) Democratic Party Learned Nothing in Regards to Cyber Security

cyber-securityProbably the most damaging fact of all about the DNC email leaks is that it happened in the first place. There are two reasons why it is absolutely shocking that the DNC servers even got hacked.

The first reason is that it came after all the hype and discussion about Hillary’s unsecured email server. Why did the DNC not learn something from this?

The second reason is that US intelligence warned both the DNC and RNC that they were vulnerable to hacking. The RNC took the threat serious and increased their level of cyber security, but the DNC ignored the threat. Again, why didn’t the DNC listen to the warnings from US intelligence?