Why is the Middle East so Unstable


middle east violenceHave you checked out the Middle East these days? It is one hot mess, there are countless civil wars going on, protest after protest, fighting across borders, car bombs going off, suicide bombers, and on and on. And all this occurs in only a week or so.

Actually, the Middle East looks at the United States with mixed feelings. For starters, the US has meddled and manipulated politics in the Middle East for over hundred years which many feel has made things worse. And now, many feel that the US pivoted toward Asia during the Obama years, ignoring some of the messes that they made in particularly Iraq, Libya, and Yemen.

But much of this bitterness comes from disagreements that are over 1400 years old. You just can’t over simplify the forces at work in the Middle East – there is enough bitterness to go around. We can start with religious differences. Not only is there hatred brewing between the Muslims and Christians, we also have the Sunnis and Shias fighting as well.

Many have said that the rest of the world should just leave the Middle East alone, but it is not that easy. The region suffers because the nations there are poorly governed and the corruption is off the charts. They discriminate against women and have severe economic problems.

For good reason, millions of them migrate to democratic nations in order to give their families a happy life. This is why the rest of the world cannot ignore them. We need to understand the ideologies that they were exposed to because that is what they bring to our societies. But at the same time, they must assimilate in our societies as well – they cannot be allowed to set up enclaves in our worlds, this serves no one and creates more division. This is the big mistake that Europe is making with their influx of migrants from the Middle East – they will regret this one day.

Check out the video below to learn more about the history behind the Middle East:

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