When Science Ends Up Proving that God Really Exists


God and science has always had a very unique relationship. Many people believe that these two entities are mutually exclusive, but nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is that science always winds up confirming the existence of an intelligent creator of all things, and who else could that be other than God himself?

Philosophers were the original scientists that mankind looked to for the answers to life’s questions. There was very few scientific methods back in those days and the only reliable data was empirical. It was many centuries before mankind began to develop methods for testing hypothesis. As time went on, they discovered that these methods were quite reliable.

God in the Gaps

Up until this time, scientists actually used God to explain phenomena that they could not explain. This brought about a popular phrase known as “God in the gaps” which was a term for using God to account for the gaps in their knowledge about the world.

This brought about an interesting pattern between God and science. As man learned things about the world and began answering questions, science began to claim this knowledge as their own, and continued to use God to explain the things they didn’t know. If you look around today, you will find that mankind still does this to a certain extent.

For instance, whenever we wonder if the universe is infinite or if life exists somewhere else other than Earth, we acknowledge that only God knows the answers to these questions. Yet when we learn the answers, we claim the knowledge as if it were our knowledge all along.

Philosophers will tell us that the knowledge was always there, it just took us a while to discover it. Just as great sculptors like to say that the art already exists inside the stone, they only carve away the parts that are not part of the art in the stone.

The video below presents 6 instances where scientific findings only strengthen the case that God really does exist ….

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