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When People Make Tragedies Much Worse

We have witnessed many human tragedies in our lifetimes. We have seen several wars that have killed millions of people. We have seen torture beyond all civil comprehension. And then there was the time when two skyscrapers in New York City fell after jetliners were flown into them by terrorists.

There have been dictators who order the deaths of millions because of political threat or because of ethnic cleansing. We have seen communities turn on each other only because of race and political affiliation. Thousands are slaughtered every day simply because of their religious beliefs.

And then there has been natural disasters which eliminate entire neighborhoods within minutes. We have seen wind, rain, and fire ravage the homes and lives of many good people.

And in most of these cases, good people step forward to comfort and console those who are wrongly afflicted and are suffering as a result. This is is the true spirit of humanity who loves and comforts their neighbors in need.

Unfortunately, there have been cases where heinous acts have been committed after tragedies have occurred. And these acts have only made the tragedy worse. The video below identifies 9 such heinous acts:

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