What is Nootropics?

In recent years, we have witnessed lots of buzz and information about a brand new category of health supplements that are known as nootropics. This is why so many people are asking, “What is nootropics?” These supplements are sold as various supplements that are designed to enhance our minds. Specifically, they can boost our memory, our cognitive performance, along with our focus in addition to protecting our brains from degeneration and damage.

In our fast-paced world along with all the demands, we face daily, almost all of us would be willing to increase our brainpower. This demand is why we can buy these nootropics in a variety of forms to accommodate our lifestyles. Today, they are available in shots, oils, and even snack foods. Virtually all members of our society are willing to try them – all the way from students in college who are struggling with exams to entrepreneurs who wish to transform their business.

Naturally, many interested people wish to define nootropics and wonder what nootropics mean. After finding out these things, they usually ask where to get nootropics.

How Nootropics Function

best cognitive enhancersIn a nutshell, nootropics are basically cognitive technology. They are designed to promote healthy brain activity as well as enhance our mental abilities. Perhaps, you have heard media calling them “smart drugs” or even “the limitless pill.”

Within the nootropic family, we will find drugs, supplements, and even various foods. Since they have hit the market, we have witnessed healthy professional adults who are utilizing them learn better and quicker, to improve their concentration and focus, and boost their memory. In addition, people are beginning to use them to promote healthy cognitive aging in order to prevent dementia.

Five Types of Nootropics

As we all know, enhancing our brain health starts with a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Many of us are simply viewing nootropics as a new way to augment our brain health and performance. Let us examine five kinds of nootropics that were deemed effective during their clinical trials. Our goal must always be to create a diet and nootropic combination that will optimize the health of our brains. When this approach is taken, we will enjoy peak performance.


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The amino acid L-Theanine is found within both black tea and green tea. It has the ability to improve concentration, reduce anxiety, and reduce neurodegeneration.

Lion’s Mane

We have seen the popularity of mushrooms increase in the last few years, and Lion’s Mane has become more popular as well. This nootropic is jammed full of great health-promoting nutrients. It will also boost cognitive function, even in people who are cognitively impaired.


When we hear about creatine, we often think about how bodybuilders use them to beef up. However, creatine is actually a nootropic. It is known to boost energy in our muscles – which is why bodybuilders love it. But creatine also improves the energy in our brain as well, boosts our memory, and enhances our attention span.


Coffee lovers really enjoy hearing about this! We all know that caffeine stimulates our central nervous system, but it also makes us more alert while improving our concentration. There are even a few studies out there that indicate caffeine will boost the speed of our brain function as well as our reaction time. Ironically, some researchers even claim that caffeine will protect our brains from stress.


Scientists have long known that the essential foundation for a healthy brain exists in omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA. If our bodies lack omega-3’s, it can restrict vital communication among brain cells, slow down our thinking, and even impair our focus and memory. The good news is that we have a plethora of foods around us that possess Omega-3’s – such as chia seeds, walnuts, and certain types of fish.


Hopefully, we have answered the question, “What is nootropics?” We must use common sense as we seek nootropics that are best suited for us. Ensure that you read labels carefully as a few companies out there might be using unsafe ingredients.

Almost go the extra step to ensure that your nootropics are authentic and were manufactured by companies that have the highest standards. Remember that some of these supplements have little to no regulation or oversight from government authorities.