Teaching Liberals about White Privilege Creates a “Startling” New Prejudice in Them – Recent Study has Found


Teaching Liberals about White Privilege Creates a Startling New Prejudice in ThemHave we really discovered a new prejudice in liberals? This has been cited within a new study that was posted in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, as they looked at what occurs after “social liberals” are taught about that “white privilege” exists. While this makes them see white people as having more benefits in society, these social liberals also displayed much less sympathy for white people who were poverty stricken.

Liberals Focus More on Race Than Anyone Else

Polls have shown over and over again that liberals are much more focused on racism as being a much large problem in our nation than do conservatives. To determine whether or not issues such poverty among whites is viewed as not important, the research team administered two studies.

The participants of this study were comprised of 650 conservative and liberals from throughout the United States who took part in an online study. Approximately 69% of them were white and blacks made up 16% of the participants.

The scientists chose to divide the participants randomly into two cohorts. One group was subjected to information regarding white privilege and was subsequently asked to pick out and identify incidents of privileges that have been given to white people in the United States. The other group did not receive information about white privilege at all.

Stories Given to Participants of the Study

Study participants were subjected to passages regarding a poor black man or a poor White man. The man was had the name of Kevin and lived in New York City. They were told that Kevin grew up without a father and was raised by a single mother. Furthermore, he had lived in and suffered from poverty his entire life. And currently, they were told that Kevin was living on welfare. The lone difference in the stories the participants were given was whether or not Kevin was white or black.

Scientists were surprised to learn that the sympathy level for Kevin from liberals who had been taught about white privilege beforehand varied tremendously depending on whether he was black or white. They were much more sympathetic for Kevin if he was black, and they were far less sympathetic for a white version of Kevin.

On the other hand, conservatives tended to have lower levels of sympathy overall, but those levels did not change between black or white versions of Kevin. And learning about white privilege had no impact on their views of Kevin either.

Regarding this finding, the author of the study, who is psychology professor Erin Cooley from Colgate University, called this outcome “startling” in a recent article that she wrote. Teaching others about getting an education within a society of white privilege does not increase sympathy for poor blacks at all among liberals. Instead, they chose to blame poor white people for suffering from poverty, when they had all these alleged “privileges”.

Professor Cooley, who considers herself to be a liberal, believes this is a disturbing assumption because this kind of thinking will lead to negligence of poor white people as they will be seen to be “violating the stereotypes of their race”.

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