Interesting How Liberals Were Once Disappointed in Obama – But Few Admit it Now

Interesting How Liberals Were Once Disappointed in Obama - But Few Admit it NowAmazing how liberals today lament about the Trump White House.

And dearly how they they wish for Obama to be back.

Recently, a New York Time Reporter revealed that she keeps a small Obama doll in her purse to remind her that American once had a “progressive African-American president”.

Notice how she didn’t say she missed any of his accomplishments? Or how WELL he did his job?

No, she only missed him because he’s black. Is that what we really want as a President? Someone who fills a quota? Is this why Obama was elected?

Liberals Who Were Disappointed in Obama

Now let us look at some clips of those from the left who were very disappointed in Obama. Of course, all these videos were shot during Obama’s terms when there was no elections at stake.

Michael Moore – Famous film maker

“Diddy” the Rapper

Disappointed Voter During a Townhall

Tamir Rice’s Mom – An Obama Voter

Cornell West – an activist

The Young Turks – Popular YouTube Channel

Thomas Sewell – Political Philosopher

So how well did Obama take this advice?

Here’s what he accomplished during his last term: 1) Made that horrendous nuclear deal with Iran, and 2) tried to close GTMO.  In other words, he accomplished NOTHING.

And since leaving the White House, he has spent a huge amount of time living on billionaire Richard Branson’s massive yacht. He once told a reporter before leaving the White House that he didn’t intend to earn money making speeches, but has since made several speeches for insane amounts of money – and continues to do so.

He received a book deal worth around $60 million and has apparently given very little thought to any of the concerns mentioned by those in the above videos.

It seems that what Obama cares most about is Obama.

Perhaps that is why he accomplished so little in the White House.