PROOF that Hollywood has No Clue What People Want


PROOF that Hollywood has No Clue What People WantHollywood goes to great measures to tell us how we should live, how we should think, and who we should voter for.

The irony is that if they know so much, then why can’t they figure what we Americans like?

Hollywood SUCKS at Picking the Year’s Best Picture

Over the last 20 years, only once has an Oscar Best Picture Winner actually been a box office winner. In fact, only once has their Best Picture Winner cracked the Top 100 on the all time Domestic List.

Let’s look at the List that these know-it-alls have picked over the last 20 years, compared to what the year’s box office winner was:

Wonder when those idiots in Hollywood will figure out their real audience?

If the above table isn’t enough proof, how about the plummeting TV ratings of the last few Academy Award Shows?

People in the days of Ancient Rome considered actors and those involved in theater as being the lowest forms of their society. Today we are seeing why the Romans felt that way.



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