Physics Discover Way to Capture Dark Matter


Recently, there have been scientists who have been working with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) that have discovered a way to trap and capture dark matter particles. This is considered to be revolutionary among particle physicists.

Ever since the discovery of the famous Higgs Boson, physicists working on the Large Hadron Collider are also seeking find another elusive needle in the haystack – and that is dark matter.

Scientists have long said that dark matter is dispersed all around us. They say that dark matter takes up some 26.8% of the entire content of our universe. The remaining 68.3% is consumed by dark energy, yet another mysterious concept. Both of these mysterious items are what actually keep the Universe bound together.

So what has happened to normal matter? It only takes up around 4.9% of everything. Not really a whole lot for the matter that also includes humans and all of life.

This is only one little problem concerning dark matter – no one has ever seen it – either by the naked eye or instrumentation. We only know about it because of how particles behave and how gravity is affecting it.

How to finally trap and see dark matter directly is the very thing that physicists at the University of Chicago are seeking to do in their new report. They devised an extraordinary new method for capturing dark matter within the Large Hadron Collider by utilizing the fact that dark particles move at lower speeds.

These researchers are not able to put their new method to the test presently. This is because the LHC is currently offline and will not be available again until 2021.

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