Media Continues Ignoring Diseases the Migrant Caravan is Bringing to America


Recently, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) stated that they have formed a task force for the investigation of a frightening new illness that is afflicting our children. It is called Acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) and happens to be a polio-type illness. Most experts believe that it is caused by a virus. However, unlike polio, which is eradicated for the most part, AFM continues to rise.

Most of the United States mainstream media remains uninterested in the spread of AFM. People like Jim Acosta and Jake Tapper are probably sending their kids to private schools where the only health threats are the occasional cold. Their kids hang out with other children from private schools and live in cozy neighborhoods that are free of such pesky infectious diseases like AFM, or any afflictions that are common with refugees – like scabies and lice and scabies. CNN has always be much more preoccupied with the latest tweets from President Trump.

Americans are Vulnerable to New Diseases

Media Continues Ignoring Diseases the Migrant Caravan is Bringing to AmericaMost Americans don’t live in the protective bubble of Washington D.C. politicians and media stars. Their lives are not as charmed as they reside in lower or middle class neighborhoods. Their children go to the same public schools as do many illegal immigrants who have settled into their cities and towns.

This has always been the problem with the illegal immigrant debate. The majority of those who publicly desire open borders will never have to personally deal with these illegal immigrants. These celebrities and politicians live behind walls and guns (two things they vehemently oppose). Their gated communities have walls, and their security guards have guns. They want open borders for one reason and one reason only- they want their votes.

The problem is that attitude of the media and left towards the migrant caravan is potentially dangerous and lethal to the United States. Let’s ignore trying to take shots at President Trump for a second and ask, “Who are these illegal immigrants and where are they coming from?”

More specifically, “What diseases could they be bringing into our borders?”

Polio Still Exists in South America

How many of them are aware that polio cases have been discovered within the chaotic borders of Venezuela? This is just one horrifying example of what could be waiting to cross our border.

Many Americans are not aware that when migrants once entered into our country through Ellis Island, they were quarantined to be sure that no dangerous diseases were brought into our country. Such restrictions are much less rigorous today because of our advancements in medicine. Yet these advancements are unable to cure AFM thus far.

How Will the Diseases of Migrants Affect our Battle with AFM?

How will the addition of migrants and their diseases impact our present battle to cure AFM? We have seen with our own eyes in news segments just how unsanitary the members of this migrant caravan are presently living. We have learned that lice and scabies is rampant among them.

Maybe the media will begin actually caring about the welfare of Americans and start supporting a secure border for change. What does it have to take for them to realize that this is not a political crisis – but a health and welfare crisis? Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until they lose one of their own children before they open their eyes.

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