Learning About the Most Insane Rulers in History


As we all have been taught, we know with enormous power comes lots of responsibility. And in many cases, we also witness lots of cruelty, some sadism, plenty of violence, a bit of delusion, and most definitely some sexual deviancy.

So when it comes to maintaining a very powerful position of extraordinary influence, it often looks as if a person needs to be insane to meet the job requirements of dictator. Not many of us would flourish in this sort of role of leadership, and most of us would probably be incompetent at the very best.

However, history shows us that incompetence is not necessarily the worst character trait rulers could have. Some of them are so unhinged that they have become downright dangerous.

As a matter of fact, many rulers through history actually go mad with all that power.

But the most boring thing about democracy nowadays is that we hardly elect insane people. Oh, there is no doubt that we sometimes vote somebody into office that is a bit eccentric or they might have some sexual appetite, and people might consider them to be an extremist. But back in the day when rulers sat on the throne only because of their bloodline, a country could easily wind up serving a complete lunatic.

Let us check out some of these crazy rulers in the video below:

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