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Ways to Develop Both Hemispheres of the Brain

Ways to Develop Both Hemispheres of the BrainAn effective way of enriching your creativity level is by fully developing your brain. More specifically, why not exercise and feed both sides and hemispheres of your brain?

We have all heard that artsy people tend to use the right side of their brains, and that geeky people favor the left side of their brain. And up to now, we have learned that virtually all fields of study need innovation and creativity, so it stands to reason that everyone will benefit from doing this.

Look over the methods below and select a few that you would like to try out. We realize that some of these methods are not for everyone – but you should try out a few of them.

Ways to Develop Both Sides of your Brain

Learn a New Language – Most of us have a language that we find most interesting and would prefer to learn over the others. Now is a good time to try doing that.

With all of the excellent language learning programs available today, we can now easily learn almost any language at our own pace. Just imagine the new world that will be revealed to you while learning the language of another culture.

Try Out a New Routine – This may be difficult for some people, but the results could be well worth the trouble. Just remember that we are not saying to change your routine permanently, we are suggesting that you alter your routine occasionally. I would suggest picking out one day a week to try out a new routine – or maybe even one day every two weeks. Give it a try and see what happens.

Try Meditating – We have suggested at this in earlier lessons. If you have followed the series in order, then you know that we recommend setting aside a 20-30 minute block of quiet time in a quiet place at the same time every day. This would be a perfect time to meditate.

Just close your eyes, slow down your breathing, and focus your thoughts only on your breathing – try to breathe slowly with a longer period of exhaling. If your mind wonders, then gently guide it back to your breathing. Try to do this for at least 15 minutes at first and then work up to 30 minutes.

Learn a New Artistic Skill – Try out something that you have always said you would love to try one day. For instance, learn to play an instrument, or take a sculpting class. Or you could take up woodworking or pottery. Having an expressive outlet is something that will benefit your mind for years to come.

Learn New Physical Skills – Here’s a way to get your body involved. You could learn to play a new sport such as golf or archery. There are also fun activities like juggling or magic tricks. The point here is to engage and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Volunteer for Community Projects – Do not be afraid to get yourself out there. Doing things for your community will energize your sense of compassion and connection with others. This exposure to the needs of humanity is wonderful brain food – be sure to do it regularly.

Adopt a Pet – Learning to care for and love a pet will open up a new world for you. There are countless studies out there that have proven the countless benefits of having pets – one of those studies have implied that loving a pet can actually extend your lifespan.