How to Use Freewriting to Bolster Creativity

How to Use Freewriting to Bolster CreativityFor years, creative writers have used many tools to enhance their writing skills. Whenever you talk to writers, most of them will tell you that writing is just a craft that needs to be practiced and polished regularly – just like with any other craft or skill.

One of the methods that writers like to use is called freewriting. It is a technique that allows for a person to quickly get their thoughts on paper about a random topic. Freewriting is used by both writers of fiction and non-fiction. The good news is that freewriting can be used by anyone to enhance both their writing skills and their creativity level.

Steps to Start Freewriting

1) Find Quiet Time in front of your PC – You will need a block of uninterrupted time for your freewriting session. I would recommend setting aside at least 15 minutes.

2)  Find an Online Prompt Generator – Just Google “prompt generator” and find one that you like. Notice that there are many types of prompts you can use as a basis for your freewriting session. You can use different themes, emotions, people, etc.

3) Generate Your Writing Prompt – Immediately after getting your prompt, start your timer and begin writing about the topic pertaining to the prompt. Just write down every thought that comes into your head about the prompt topic and continue doing this until your timer goes off.

Managing the Variables of Your Freewriting Sessions

Obviously, there are countless variables that can be adjusted and modified for your freewriting sessions.  You should play around with these in order to get the most out of your sessions. Here are some recommendations:

Keep a Freewriting Journal – We have mentioned earlier about the importance of keeping journals. I like to keep a special spiral bound notebook that is specifically devoted to freewriting. I jot down the date for each session.

Selecting the Prompt Type – If you checked out several different online prompt generators, then you probably noticed that many of them provide more than one prompt. Some of them give you a group of prompts. I urge you to try using more than one prompt at the same time to get more focus in your writing.

Personally, I like to use a random emotion along with a random prompt. Then I apply that emotion to my freewriting as well. Find out what prompt types you like to use best.

Freewriting Session Times – This is perhaps the biggest variable of all. When you first start doing this, you will probably find yourself running out of things to write about pretty quickly.

What I recommend doing is rather than spending time racking your brain until the timer goes off, I would suggest using shorter session times so that you can do more of them in one sitting.

For instance, I prefer doing three freewriting sessions of 5 minutes each as opposed to doing one 15 minute session. This way, I can do more writing and get more thoughts on paper.