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Using Creative Thinking Tools and Methods

creative thinking toolsThe good thing about anyone who wants to be more creative in their chosen field is that there are several wonderful creative thinking tools and methods available to them. In most cases, you will do fine if you take just one of these tools and become a master at using that one tool.

In any case, we recommend that you give each of these methods and creative thinking tools a trial run and find out for yourself which of them works best for you.

Creative Thinking Tools and Methods

Lesson 1 – Develop and Learn to Use Both Sides of your Brain

We grew up in our schools learning about how people who love the arts use one side of the brain, while scientists and technical people use the other side of the brain. History has shown us that creativity is used in all fields of study. So doesn’t it make sense to use both sides of your brain?

In this lesson, we provide lots of suggestive ways that you can utilize both of your brain’s hemispheres. It is a powerful way to cultivate a fresh new approach to your thinking method.

Lesson 2 – Use Freewriting to Tap the Inner Creativity within Your Mind

Freewriting is a method that has been used mainly by creative writers to polish their writing skills – but it also develops their imagination too. Regardless of your profession or your field of study, anyone can benefit from freewriting.

In this lesson, we will introduce you to freewriting and show you some nifty ways to adapt it for your particular needs.

Lesson 3 – How to Use Mind Mapping to Solve Problems and Enhance your Creativity

You have probably heard of mind maps before, but have you ever used them? If not, you should definitely give them a try. They are very powerful because they are designed to complement the way our brains work naturally.

In this lesson, we go over a standard mind map and use examples to illustrate how they work. When done right, you end up with all of your thoughts on paper, and they are also nicely organized into define groups.

I hope you enjoy using these creative thinking tools and methods!