Finding Fresh New Ways to Be Creative

Finding Fresh New Ways to Be CreativeWhat many of us fail to realize is that creativity can be thought of as a craft. And with any craft, we need only to practice and learn new methods to enhance it and improve upon it.

The first obstacle we face is our own minds. We first have to develop the proper mindset as we look for ways to be creative. This section is devoted to help you develop that very state of mind.

Ways to Think More Creatively

Accept the Fact That you are Creative – All of us are creative in our own way. The problem is we tend to compare ourselves to those around us who are super-creative and then we feel that we could never create a painting like they did or design a banner like they did.

This may be true, but those people may not be able to write a song or come up with an idea to solve a big problem at work – like YOU CAN. That’s what you fail to consider when you compare yourself to others. You see, creativity comes in many fields and is needed in every workplace, community, and organization. There is a place for your style of creativity in this world – you just need to find out where.

Change your Perspective – You will probably hear various forms of this repeatedly throughout this series. This is because it is very effective and you should start doing this. When you learn to change your angle of view on something, it will expose you to fresh new ideas and approaches.

One thing you can do is visualize the problem in your mind and then blow up the image of that problem in your mind until it is 20 feet tall looking down on you. How does that make you feel? Now try shrinking it down until it is only 2 feet tall. Notice how your feelings change. Try playing around this.

Change your Locale – As you visualize things about your life – such as problems and goals – trying putting yourself into different locations. Pay attention to how it changes the way you feel about those things and make notes about them. You can also combine this with changing the size of the image like we discussed in the last section.

Add the Missing Senses to your Visualizations – After altering the size and location of the images in your mind, try giving those images different colors, sounds, and even odors. Make them very real and then less real. Doing this will greatly enhance the odds of finding creative solutions.

Get Out and Play More – All of us have something that we love to do which isn’t work, or isn’t serious. Whatever that is for you, make sure that you plan for doing more of this. Believe it or not, the very best ideas that mankind has ever seen were the one that just popped into someone’s mind when they were doing recreational things like walking their dog, playing with their kids, or playing golf.

This is how our minds work. Our subconscious magically works on problems in the background while our conscious mind is doing something else. And then it provides the solution when we least expect it. This is one of the best ways to be creative out there.

Play Around with the Artist in You – No, this doesn’t mean we are training you to be an artist; we are simply introducing some concepts that will make your more creative. You can actually bring out your artistic skills in many ways. For instance, you can start playing around with the colors you see around you.

Imagine if a car you just saw was a different color, or what color would that lady on the sidewalk look best wearing? Or how about mentally adding some saxophone to a song you hear on the radio? How much sax would you add and how loud would it be? The possibilities are endless.

Find your Comfort Spot – In your home, identify a place that you find most relaxing. Declare a time of day where you can go there for at least 20-30 minutes of uninterrupted time on a daily basis. Use this time to relax, think quietly, or even meditate every day.

Simplify your Life – All of us have lives that are full of clutter. Our society promotes all this clutter and chaos. But all this excessive junk mail, spam emails, nuisance phone calls, and noise is too chaotic for minds to think properly. We should all strive to eliminate as much of the clutter and chaos that exists around us as we can.

What works best for me is setting aside a few hours every week to declutter my home from the past week of junk bombardment. This way, decluttering is not too overwhelming. When your mind is around lots of clutter, it feels the chaos and will not work creatively. But when you simply your life, you will discover that your mind relaxes more and provides the very best results. Simplifying your life will help you tremendously in becoming more creative.