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Having the Mindset of a Creative Thinker

creative thinkerIn order to be creative, we need to develop the mindset of a creative thinker. This may sound difficult, but it is actually easier than you might think. A big part of the any type of mindset is the awareness of what your objective is and how close or far away you perceive yourself to be from that objective.

In most cases for many kinds of objectives, we are often much closer to them than we realize. But the awareness is where the process starts. You have already addressed awareness or you wouldn’t be reading this sentence right now. Let us look at how this section is going to help you be a creative thinker.

Lesson 1 – Finding Fresh New Ways to Be More Creative

In this lesson, we will address the basic actions you can immediately take to changing your mindset and viewing the world around you differently. Many of these require only a slight change of habit to be effective.

We show you some pretty nifty tricks that others have found very useful in opening up their minds to fresh new ideas and viewpoints. Most of us only need one or two good methods that will generate ideas for a lifetime. Find the one that works best for you.

Lesson 2 – Learning How to Increase Your Creativity

All of us have a starting level of creativity. The goal of this lesson is to show you how to boost yours to a higher level than it was before you started this Creativity Series. This is something that is very achievable for most of us.

In this lesson, we introduce you to new ways of approaching many common activities that will open up your creative juices. Sometimes, a slight alteration in how you have been doing things will yield unbelievable results.

Lesson 3 – Using the Power of your Imagination

In lesson 3, we encourage you to start using your imagination more and then we show you some clever ways to use it more effectively. One of the things we discuss is how to use the power of imagination to help you solve problems. Not many people teach this kind of approach in solving problems and finding solutions.

We hope you enjoy the Creativity Mindset Section of this series. After you have worked through the three lessons, you will be well on your way to being a more creative thinker.