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Learning to Create Ideas

Learning to Create IdeasNow that you have learned several ways to enhance your creativity level and to become a creative thinker, we are now ready to start harvesting what you have learned.

We need to cultivate an efficient way to crank out great ideas over and over. If you do a little research, then you will discover that many creative people have developed their own exclusive ways to do just that.

In this section, we will show you some idea creation methods that we have found to be very effective.

Lesson 1 – How to Brainstorm for Ideas

Brainstorming has become very popular over the last few decades, especially in the corporate world. It is still being used extensively because it works.

In this lesson, we show you how to use this powerful brainstorming method. We also discuss how you might want to modify it to suit your specific needs.

Lesson 2 – Idea Creation Methods that Work

We have looked at several of these idea creation methods and have listed the ones that we found to be most effective. I encourage you to try all of them and see which ones work for you. Most likely, you will take bit and pieces from each of them and create your own idea creation system.

Have some fun with these and enjoy the process!