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Exercises that Stimulate a Creative Routine

Exercises that Stimulate a Creative RoutineIf you have tried out some of the exercises in the previous lessons of this section, then you should be seeing how effective they can be. What makes them more effective is when you blend them into your everyday activities.

In this lesson, we want to ensure that you put into place some activities that help you continue to boost your creativity level on a daily basis.

Exercises to Boost your Creativity

Drop your Judgements – When you decide to let go of all the judgements that you have placed on other people and situations, you will discover exciting new things come into your life. Opinions and polarizing thoughts tend to limit the things you are attracting. Abandon judgements and watch the world open up.

Gravitate to Inspiration – Find people and things that inspire you and spend more time with them. Let yourself get inspired and you will find yourself inspiring others with fresh new thoughts and ideas.

Learn Your Own Biorhythms – Find out your peak period during the day and maximize your performance. When you know the hours you are at your best, then you can spend that time to undertake your biggest challenges. Save your grunt work for your down times.

Use Media that you Normally Don’t Use to View the World – We all have our preferred methods of finding out what is happening in the world every day. Mix it up by switching over to a new media format on occasion. You will learn something new whenever you do this.

Try to Create Something Every Single Day – This could a nice doodle or a 30 second video, or even writing a little jingle. Maybe you would like to design a banner or logo online. Try to do create something different each day in a totally different medium. Perhaps find 4 or 5 different creative tasks you like to do and then rotate randomly among them. Be sure to make an entry in your journal about these creations.

At the end of each day, try to think of the most creative thing you did that day and make a permanent note about that creation. Compare that among your previous days’ creations. See if your creativity level is increasing or decreasing.

Every morning, come up with an intriguing question to ask someone about the world or about their philosophy. This is a great way to make new friends or learn more about your existing friends.