Exercises to Open Up your Mind

Exercises to Open Up your MindAll of us have opinions and viewpoints. And for some of us, it is quite difficult to see the world in any other way than through our own filters. But one great way to enhance your creative juices and ignite your imagination is to try viewing the world through the eyes of others.

When we do this, we actually get rewarded in an unexpected way. We become more relaxed whenever we decide to let go of all those internal judgements that we keep defending in our mind. It actually uses up a lot of energy when means we may even find ourselves with more mental energy.

Some Great Ways to Open Up your Mind

Think about Your Own Belief System – Start reviewing your beliefs as they pop up in your head and start challenging them and find out why you believe in them. Pay particular attention to those beliefs you have very strong feelings about and fiercely defend.

Pick Someone Famous and Learn More About their Lifestyle – When we read or listen about the lives of others, we get to see how they made decisions and why they did the things they did. We learn about their belief systems and their struggles. As human beings, we just naturally ponder how we would have handled those situations ourselves.

Learn Something New in a New Field – Go out and learn something in a field or discipline that you would never otherwise give one thought about. It is a good idea to make a note of doing this on a routine basis – like once every week or month.

Starting working Puzzles to Exercise your Mental Powers – Many people enjoy crossword puzzles, while others like Sudoku puzzles. Find something you like and start doing them – these are wonderful ways to exercise your thinking powers.

Learn about Other Cultures and Their Religions – Studying other cultures is a very rewarding thing to do. You should also study their religion as well in order to fully understand their ways of life.

Face one of your Fears – This one is very bold and daring, but many very successful people will tell you that this is the key to success – facing your fears. For instance, you could take a public speaking class since that is something most people fear. Or you could learn rock climbing if you have a fear of heights.

Listen to People whose Political Views are Different than Yours – This can be as simple as turning the channel and listening to political analysts whose beliefs are different than yours. The challenge here might be seeing how long you can listen to this without getting upset and turning the channel.

Try Spending an Hour or Two while Blocking one of your Senses – They say that when our bodies lose one sense, other senses become stronger to compensate.

Play Strategic Games – This is a great way to exercise your mental skills. And they are very accessible these days because we can now play against computer opponents, so we don’t have to look for a playing partner.

Talk to People that you Do Not Normally Talk to – As you go about your day, strike up impromptu conversations with others, become a master of small talk. So many people find this trivial, but there are many wonderful things that have happened from “small talk” conversations.