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Exercises that Improve your Creativity

Exercises that Improve your CreativityIf you have been following these lessons in order and have started applying some of the information, then you should already be seeing how it will improve your creativity. If you are devoted to become a more creative asset to your organization or just to yourself, then we highly encourage you to start using some of these exercises.

You should try out as many of these as you can and then settle on the ones that help you the most. This is the way most people use them.

Creativity Exercises

1) As you take a walk outside, stop and close your eyes. Now think of a color and then open your eyes and find that color somewhere.

2) Stand in the middle of a room somewhere public. Now imagine yourself walking on the ceiling and the walls – what are the things you would see? How would people react to you?

3) As you walk around virtually anywhere, try imagining that everything you see becomes a unique color. How would a purple sky look to you?

4) As you look at mirrors, TV screens, windows, and computer monitors, try to imagine that they are doorways into other worlds. Would the worlds be different from one window to the next?

5) Think of a random animal and imagine what it would be like to live as that animal. What would dinner be like? What would sleeping be like?

6) Close your eyes and try drawing something totally from memory. What colors do you see?

7) As you drive around, pick out a car that gets your attention for any reason. Try to imagine what it would be like to be riding in that car. Where do you think it is going?

Using these Exercises

As you may have gathered by now, these exercises are very abstract and require no conclusion or answer from you. They are just exercises to spark your imagination.

Once you get the feel for these exercises, you will be able to easily come up with your own versions of them. The best thing about them is that you can do these virtually anywhere, and you can do them often.