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Exercising Your Creativity

Exercising Your CreativityEach day, we can perform little activities that will help us keep that creative spark going. You don’t have to spend tons of time on these exercises, you just have to be consistent with them – and when you are consistent with them, you will start seeing magic in your life.

It is recommended that you try all of these exercises out for yourself. Find out the ones that are most helpful to you and blend them into your daily life.

Lesson 1 – Exercises for Opening Up your Mind

In this lesson, we introduce some simple little tasks you can do every day that will help open up your thinking patterns.  It is hard to be creative if your mind is not open to the experience. This is why you need to relax and let your mind open up to new ideas and opportunities.

This can be a challenge for some of us because it depends on how willing you are to let go of the status quo.

Lesson 2 – Exercises for Improving your Creativity Level

We have already shown you some ways to improve your creative spark, but these exercises are different. Like in lesson 1, these exercises are also simple and easy to perform. However, these are about introducing you to fresh new habits that will help you become more innovative.

The exercises are quite unusual and abstract, but we urge you to give them a try for a few weeks at least. They will stretch your current thinking patterns.

Lesson 3 – Exercises to add creativity to your daily routine

This lesson shows you some clever ways to incorporate creativity exercises into your daily regimen. Like the other exercises, we are trying to encourage you to adopt some new habits that will serve your well in the long run.

Do not let the simplicity of these exercises fool you. Some people tend to see them as trivial, but they can be very powerful and effective through repetition. Exercises like these have been used by famous creative people, so you should not underestimate them.