Living with that Creative Edge

Living with that Creative EdgeNow that you have learned how to develop a creative mindset, how to exercise your creativity, methods for generating ideas, it is now time to talk about maintaining a lifestyle of creativity. All of us operate each day in a unique environment. Sometimes that environment supports our desire to create and sometimes it doesn’t.

All human beings have a natural desire to create and express themselves. Polls indicate that the major factor that determines whether or not people love their jobs depends on their freedom to express and create. The objective with this section is to help you keep creating – regardless of your environment.

Living a Creative Life

Living creatively is a lot easier than you may think. This is because most people are just plain boring. All of us are taught expected behaviors and most of us fall right into that groove. People who dare to step out of the box are virtually guaranteed to make a splash. You just have to know how to properly express yourself.

1) Expect some Disapproval – People frown upon those who walk and talk differently and choose to behave against the norm. Be prepared for this and grow a thicker layer of skin so they won’t knock you off your course.

2) Don’t Under-Estimate your Decision – If you have made the decision to step away from those who are walking in step with expectations, then you must realize it is a pretty big deal. Take your decision seriously, but have some fun with it as well.

3) Prepare to be Admired – That’s right. There will be some admirers who appreciate your creative edge. You must be prepared to handle some success. Do not be one of those people who struggle with success and sabotage themselves. Understand that many of your admirers actually wish they had been bold enough to step out like you have.

4) Don’t be Afraid to Upset People – Sometimes the things you choose to do will upset other people. If you chose to challenge the old beliefs that they have had for decades, then prepare for a fight. Beliefs need to be challenged occasionally, but there is always resistance whenever they are questioned.

5) Don’t be Afraid to Stand Alone – When you see the world differently, you will often find yourself standing alone in your opinions and evaluations. Do not be afraid of this. And understand that you will be wrong on occasion as well.