Expressing your Creativity

Expressing your CreativityLearning how to express your creativity in an effective way is simply a matter of learning who you are. Each of us has different needs and desires. And along with those unique desires, we have our own set of personal skills to express them. This exclusive combination belongs only to each one of us as individuals.

It is important that we discover who we are because this will tell us the best ways to express our creativity. If we choose the wrong way to do this, then we will not feel content or satisfied with our efforts.

Let us find out more about expressing our creativity the right way.

Expressing our Unique Creativity

Listen to Yourself – Start taking note of how you feel about things. As you go through your day, take notice of your internal reactions. All of these are clues about what your soul truly desires.

Express Emotions Properly – There is a proper way to show others how you feel. This is definitely an art, but you can learn it quicker than you think.

One good guideline is to observe someone that is admired by many in your workplace and watch how they manage their emotions. You have to understand the importance of observing your emotions because it is the very best way of getting to know yourself.

Watch Out for the Sorrys – Whenever someone lets us down or betrays us, we have to understand that they are only human and it happens sometimes. But it is our right to be upset with them and to express that.

However, you should be careful when they apologize to you. Remember that apologies don’t make our feelings go away – they are merely a way for the other party to express their regrets to you. It doesn’t mean they get to keep doing it to you – only to get excused by saying “I’m sorry”.

Tune in to your Body – Pay very close attention to how your body reacts to situations around you. For instance, if you discover that you get heartburn every time you meet up with a certain colleague, then you need to resolve something with them. Realize there are times when your body will understand things that your mind doesn’t – and it will always be right.

Express Your Intense Emotions Safely – From time to time, all of us experience intense feelings of emotion. We might become enraged over something that happened at work, or we might become upset about a national event. There are proper places to express our intense emotions and there are places where these emotions are not proper. The key here is to get yourself out of an improper setting and get to a place where it is safe to express what you are feeling.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to start writing down in your journal about how you feel and why. As you begin to organize and rationalize your feelings, these feelings will subside. Another place to express your intense feelings is at the gym. When you begin working out or jogging, your feelings generally begin sorting themselves out.

Discover Your Best Learning Mode – All of us have a preferred way of learning. Some of us like to read about something new, others like to hear someone describe it to us, and others like to simply go out and do it. When you know your most effective mode of learning, it gives you a clue about your best way of expressing your creativity.

Explore Numerous Ways to Express your Ideas – We are all different and the way we express ourselves is unique as well. Each of us should spend the time required to find the best medium on which to convey our creativity and our ideas.

Here is a list of ways to express ourselves. Try out as many as you can.

Creativity At Our Workplace:






Company Documents


Web Design

Banner Design

Marketing Designs



Verbal Presentation


Conference Calls



Training others

Social Media


Creations At Home:





Playing an Instrument


Writing Fiction

Writing Non-Fiction

Writing Songs


Website Design

Digital Design



Interior Decorating


Car Detailing

Furniture staging



The list above is not all inclusive, there are hundreds more.