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How to Be More Creative Power Series

how to be more creativeWelcome to our How to be more Creative Power Series. You are in for a real treat because you are going to start learning one of the most sought after skills in the world!

Yes, it’s true. If you look around you at all the devices we use today, and the technologies that make our lives better, the marvels of engineering, and certainly all the arts that enrich our lives – they all came from a creative mind.

The thing about a person’s current level of creativity is that it can always be enhanced. Just like with many other human skills, you can polish and practice to raise your skill level. While each of us starts at a different level for a given skill, regardless of the skill, that level can be raised and improved. Never forget that.

5 Sections that Make Up this Series

We will guide you through what we feel are the five (5) critical phases in learning how to be more creative. It is recommended that you follow them in order.

Section 1 – Developing a Creative Mindset

As with most endeavors, we should adopt the right mindset in order do our best. Learning to be more creative is no different. It is amazing to find how many people out there openly state that they are not creative – they even wear it like a badge of honor. For one, it is not a true statement. Everyone is creative. And secondly, the proper statement should be “maybe I’m not quite as creative as you are” – which may or may not be true, but it is a better mindset for improving your current creativity level.

Section 2 – Learning to use Tools that Enhance Our Creativity

There are thousands of tools and methods available that will help us be more creative and generate great ideas. The fact is that these tools are extremely powerful and are guaranteed to give you fresh perspectives on your thoughts. We will review some of the most effective tools available and show you how to best utilize them.

Section 3 – Exercise your Creativity Skills

This is where you begin putting what you have learned into action. We will show you some great exercises to get you started. It is recommended that you find a few methods and exercises that work best for you and then use them routinely. This is where your creativity level will really start to blossom. Just remember that you will need to practice and exercise your creative thinking skills to keep improving.

Section 4 – Cranking Out Ideas

Now it starts getting really fun and exciting! In this phase, we show you some great innovative ways to generate ideas. It doesn’t matter what field you work in, or the hobbies you enjoy, great ideas are always welcome in those arenas. Never stop generating ideas in your life – they are just too much fun to ignore.

Section 5 – Living a Creative Lifestyle

In the final phase, we will go over the things you can do to continuing enhance your creativity and to enjoy your life more fully. Living a creative lifestyle is the only way to live. Because this is how you apply your own personal brand in the world. The world doesn’t need you to be like someone else, they already have one of them, but they don’t have another you!

Let’s Get Started!!